What Is a Consideration Collar?

The BDSM community is a diverse and complex, and beautiful subculture that has its own unique set of practices and rituals. One such practice that has gained popularity in recent years is the “consideration collar.” In the BDSM community, a permanent collar is a symbol of ownership, commitment, and trust. It is worn by a submissive partner to signify their agreement to serve and obey their dominant partner and is often treated like a wedding ring. However, a consideration collar...

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Holiday Return Period – Extended Returns

Holiday gift-giving can be a rewarding experience! When everything goes well, the receiver is overjoyed. The gift giver gets to bask in the glow of their admiration. Everyone is happy. But when things go wrong, what then? What happens when you purchased something months ago and squirreled it away, only for it to be ill-fitting or the wrong color? How do you handle that when the return window expired long ago, but you just discovered the problem?

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Holiday Shipping Deadlines for 2022

The holidays seem to start earlier and earlier every year, and with them comes the shipping crunch. Planning ahead and having a solid understanding of shipping deadlines is the best way to ensure that your holiday purchases make it in time for the big day! Luckily, I have you covered with this handy shipping deadline guide, so that you will have the best chance of getting your purchases by Christmas.

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