Feel like a goddess when you want!

From non piercing nipple jewelry to our line of discree bdsm collar, everything is handmade with your life in mind.
michelle owner of serenity in chains


“There is nothing worse than feeling like you aren’t beautiful. So I am absolutely thrilled  that everyone that wears our designs feels like an amazing, sexy goddess. You deserve to!”


Let me guess… All your life you’ve been told to tone it down. “Cover up, don’t wear that, don’t do that, don’t be too sexy.”

What if I told you they are full of shit, and you should be as sexy and confident as you want? Yep, you read that right.

What if I told you that you’ve been told wrong… That you SHOULD wear that, do the thing, be as sexy as you want. Listen, I’ve been there. I’ve been told there is a limit to how I should be, that I should conform. 
I tried to follow their rules, and I bet you have too.
Don’t you think that there is a better way? Don’t you think your life would be better, brighter, more authentic if you could just be yourself?
So did I. So I found a way for us to break out. I started designing discreet, sexy jewelry that you can wear anywhere, any time.
Pieces designed to make you feel like a goddess, but won’t get you the “you can’t do that” speech. Jewelry with a sexy surprise, a hidden meaning. Fashionable jewelry designs that can hide in plan sight while boosting your confidence.
And they truly do just that! How do I know? I’ve worn them to corporate meetings with CEOs, to family dinners, and among the very people that told me I had to “tone down” who I was.
They never knew… 
That is until you let the word out! Before I knew it, those same CEOs were banging down my door, trying to buy the jewelry right off my body!  And everyone that slipped into a Serenity in Chains discreet BDSM collar or non piercing nipple chain had the same reaction, a persistent secret smile and a spring in their step.
Why? Because when you feel sexy, you feel confident. And confidence is sexy!! See how that works?
Today I have the pleasure of designing sexy and discreet jewelry for people all over the world, and most importantly for you!
Each piece is carefully handcrafted for beauty, discretion, and confidence boosting sex appeal. From standard, everyday styles to discreet BDSM collars to nipple jewelry that requires no piercings. All designed with your lifestyle in mind.
So I just have one question for you… Are you ready for that sexy confidence boost you’ll get by putting your Serenity in Chains?