Live Authentically Sexy.

You have the right to be as sexy as you want and live whatever lifestyle you choose, authentically without judgement. Whether it is simply a daily expression of your sexy nature, or a visual celebration of your unique lifestyle that bucks the ‘social norm’ you should be free to express it fully.

As a sexually expressive person, you form deep connections to others in your community, and those connections are beautiful. You feel more intensely, communicate more fluidly, and form bonds that bring us together more profoundly. This deep connection to each other, to your sexual nature, and increased passion for life should be celebrated and never shamed.

It’s through the beauty of these connections that my inspiration blossoms. Highly influenced by the strength of nature and and stunning textures of the world around me, each piece of jewelry is created to bring you a sense of confidence, elegance and excitement to your everyday life, judgement free. 

Through this lens of authentic self expression and acceptance, I design pieces of jewelry that not only pass the ‘socially acceptable’ test, but also celebrate your connections, your beauty, your lifestyle and your sexy nature.

Ready to live a sexier, more authentic life?

Customer Reviews

Still not quite sure if Serenity in Chains jewelry is for you? Check out what my happy clients say about their purchase, and how it’s helped them live more authentically sexy.


"This collar and lock is just stunning. I wear it every day. Super fast shipping, and the customer service was out of this world."


"I bought a nipple chain from Serenity in Chains to wear out for my husband. We both love that it's classy enough for the public, but that it has an exciting secret.”


"We have bought several piece from Michelle at Serenity in Chains, and they are all wonderful. recently we had a custom necklace designed, and it was stunning.”