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I just wanted the season to last forever. I wanted to capture all of the beautiful colors and hold them against me, cherishing the season’s lovely shades for eternity. As I watched the leaves of a vibrant orange maple sway in the breeze, I thought “Wow, in this light that tree looks like it is made of copper.”
Let’s face it, our way of life has been completely interrupted by the covid-19 pandemic. We can’t go out to eat, we can’t meet up with friend and loved ones, and we can’t have our normal play dates. Here are 5 things that you can do TODAY to help fill that void, boost your mood and immune system, and make Quarantine a little more sexy.
It’s spring! The snow is melting, the bird are singing, and the trees are budding. It’s a time or renewal and refreshment. A time when nature starts over with a clean slate. It’s also a time for a phenomenon known as Spring Cleaning where we clean up our homes, our cars, our yards of the grime and debris left over from the long winter months. But there is something that we often overlook in our frenzy to follow Mother Nature’s lead. Something filled with oil, dirt, and grime. Something that we wear against our bodies day after day after day, building up filth that doesn’t every get removed. Our jewelry!
The novel Coronavirus known at Covid-19 has swept the world to pandemic proportions. It's one the news, the internet, and top of everyone's mind. You've probably heard about it more than the current primary elections going on, and that is saying something. Here is what we are doing at Serenity in Chains to protect you.

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