The Niobium Byzantine Chainmail Bracelet

Harness the beauty of rare earth metal with a silver chain bracelet fit for royalty. (Shown in Teal)


Be captivated by the rare beauty of Niobium and feel like sexy nobility!

This beautiful silver chain link bracelet has a stunning, beautiful and rare surprise.

  • Gorgeously handcrafted one link at a time from teeny-tiny rings with an ancient art of chainmail, to produce a stunning bracelet fit for nobility.
  • Brilliant opalescent colors that will never chip, crack, or peel for a beautiful chain bracelet that you will adore for years to come.
  • Crafted with super hypoallergenic Niobium, a rare earth metal prized by collectors the word over.
  • Finished with a mirror polished stainless steel clasp so that your bracelet stays securely on your wrist.
  • Incredibly durable, yet dainty timeless bracelet design.
  • Pure, elemental metal bracelet fit to even the most distinguished jewelry connoisseur.
  • Backed by the Serenity in Chains guarantee.

You are going to feel like old world Nobility when you slip on the sexy, slinky Niobium Byzantine Bracelet!

This stunningly elegant silver chain bracelet is a rare work of art. 100% handcrafted one link at a time, this lovely niobium chainmail bracelet contains hundreds of hand close, teeny tiny rings linked together with the ancient art of chainmail. Woven into a pattern called Byzantine, a style of chainmail worn by nobility in the dark ages, this delicate looking silver chain link bracelet is durable and elegant. Featuring a lovely gunmetal silver base with pops of tantalizing color, the Niobium Byzantine Bracelet is one of the more beautiful pieces of hypoallergenic jewelry in the world!

What is Niobium?

Niobium is a beautiful and rare earth metal that is highly prized not only for it’s stunning looks, but also for it’s durability and hypoallergenic properties. You see, Niobium isn’t an alloy like Sterling Silver (which is fine silver and copper, among other elements), gold (which is fine gold, copper, silver, and in the case of White Gold nickel is added), Stainless Steel (which is often Steel, Cobalt, and nickel) and many of the base metals such as brass. Instead, Niobium is actually an element and is listed at NB on the periodic table.

Why is being an element important? Elemental status makes Niobium a pure metal. When you mix many different metals together you can create something beautiful, or durable, but you also create more chances to produce a reaction with the skin, or worse… and allergic reaction. With niobium spur elemental status, there is no mixing of metal types and a far far smaller chance of any type of reaction happening.

As a matter of fact, niobium is so hypoallergenic they use it in body implants and other medical devices.

The hypoallergenic properties aside, Niobium has a stunning secret.


Due to its super conductive nature, Niobium reacted to electricity by transforming into a shimmering range of opalescent colors. From soft pinks to ultra-violets and any shade in between, niobium can shimmer with all the hues of the rainbow. Plus, because the actual metal surface has changes color, the vibrate jewel tones will never chip, flake, or peel.

How amazingly gorgeous is that?

The ability to produce the most stunning array of hues, coupled with its intense hypoallergenic properties make Niobium a much sought after, highly prized metal for jewelry collectors around the world. Whether you are looking for a simply gorgeous women’s chain bracelet, or a stunning men’s chain bracelet the Niobium Byzantine Bracelet is sure to please.

Now you can feel like sexy old world nobility and own a piece of rare earth art with the shimmer Niobium Byzantine Bracelet from Serenity in Chains!

Ships Worldwide in discreet packaging!

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