Feather Goddess Pure Copper Bracelet

Let your inner Goddess take flight with this exquisitely handcrafted copper chain bracelet.


Let your beautiful strength take flight for all to see with the Feather Goddess solid copper bracelet on your wrist!

The Feather Goddess real copper bracelet is a celestial celebration of your radiant inner strength.

  • Astonishingly handcrafted for a breathtaking copper feather bracelet that will make you feel like a fiery gorgeous phoenix.
  • Crafted of 100% pure copper that is stunningly beautiful, and eco friendly so you can be an earth conscious goddess.
  • Exquisitely colored with bursts of jewel bright colors that compliment any skin tone or style.
  • Flame Painted, a painstaking technique that uses nothing but heat to produce a rainbow of captivating hues.
  • Sublime phoenix feather design, framing a divine Mobius goddess knot, a symbol of your beautiful inner strength.
  • Polished to a glistening finish, and sealed with a non toxic polymer coating, so you never have to worry about your bracelet tarnishing, or turning your skin green.
  • Finished is a matching solid copper clasp for a harmonious design that is astonishingly beautiful.

Celebrate your fiery strength and your inner goddess beauty with an exquisitely handcrafted Feather Goddess copper bracelet from Serenity in Chains. This elegant copper feather bracelet is full of the luminous warm hues of natural copper, harmonizing with ethereal bursts of color to create a celebration of strength around your wrist.

Designed around the concept of the mythical Phoenix, whom dies back to ashes when her strength is diminished, only to be reborn in a burst of flame more beautiful and stronger than before. Like the beautiful rebirth of the Phoenix, this copper link bracelet is reborn in fire to produce a gorgeous piece of unique art for your wrist.

Each copper link bracelet starts out as raw reclaimed copper, which is then refined to it’s purest state and reshaped into stunning feathers. Each copper feather is then polished to a dazzling shine, and then heated to a white-hot blaze in my studio. Once heated to the temperature of a phoenix’s heart, the copper begins to shimmer with waves of opalescent color appearing. The feathers are then quenched in cool water to set the rainbows of color in place, before being attached to a glittering Goddess knot pendant, and radiant copper chain. The Feather Goddess Bracelet is then finished with a solid copper clasp, and given a coating of a non-toxic polymer to prevent tarnish and keep your stunning copper penda bracelet beautiful for years to come.

Due to this painstaking process, each lovely Feather Goddess bracelet is a 100% unique work of art, with no two bracelets alike. Each flame painting process produces unique hues, producing a one of a kind piece of handmade copper jewelry every time.

Not only is the Feather Goddess women’s copper bracelet a stunning celebration of your beautiful strength, it also doubles an alternative to a traditional collar. Simply place this gorgeous copper O ring bracelet around the wrist of the recipient in place of the more traditional neck collar, for an extra discreet collaring experience.

It’s time to let your inner Phoenix spread her wings and be born anew, and celebrate your stunning strength with the luxurious Feather Goddess copper bracelet!

Ships Worldwide in discreet packaging!

I adore my Serenity in Chains jewelry! I wear it all the time, and get so many compliments!
I bought an intimate chain for a vacation with my husband. We both adore it, and I felt so sexy wearing it!
I love the personalized locks I ordered, they are more beautiful than expected. I'll be ordering more for sure!

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