The Platinum Pearl Necklace – DDlg Collar

When you are looking for one of the most decorative collar for subs around!



When being collared needs to be super cute.

Why should this Collar be your first choice when collaring your sub?

  • Designed for the ultimate discreet collaring experience.
  • Handcrafted one link at a time so you always get the highest quality collar.
  • Includes a mirror finished nickel plated lock so stunning, vanilla folks think it’s an expensive pendant.
  • Come with 2 heart shaped key for maximum safety.
  • The premium cute collar for subs, making it the perfect ddlg collar.
  • Gorgeous glass pearls, sparkling gemstones, and unique chainmail design making this necklace the best option for collaring your sub when discretion is required.

Being collared doesn’t have to mean thick leather bands, big ugly o rings, and cheap mass produced necklaces. Instead, reach for the Platinum Pearl bdsm collar and experience a whole new level of cute collars for subs!

This stunning decorative slave collar features platinum colored glass pearls, sparkling gem like crystals, and hand woven chainmail knots lending it an adorably high fashion look.

Finished with a fully functioning, small heart padlock so brilliantly polished, that you can literally see yourself in it!

Worried that someone will recognize the lock for what it is? They wont! This heavenly bdsm collar has been thoroughly tested in the real world, and passes even the most prudish exam.

Complete with 2 heart shaped keys this is a BDSM collar you will feel beautiful wearing, no matter the company!

Looking to give this most adorable collar as a gift to your little? No problem! It comes beautifully packaged in a designer box, perfect for gift giving.

Make your sub or little squeal with delight at being collared in the Platinum Pearl DDLG Collar!

Always shipped discreetly!

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I adore my Serenity in Chains jewelry! I wear it all the time, and get so many compliments!
I bought an intimate chain for a vacation with my husband. We both adore it, and I felt so sexy wearing it!
I love the personalized locks I ordered, they are more beautiful than expected. I'll be ordering more in the future for sure!

Don't make the right statement at the wrong time!

Your collar is a statement of your unique and beautiful relationship. But you only want that statement to be made to the RIGHT crowd! Choose a collar that fits your whole life, not just the fun part!


This will surprise you!


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