Hex Key Locking Clasp

Add a high quality, hypoallergenic stainless steel locking clasp to your collar, anklet, or bracelet for a unique and beautiful element that is both discreet and meaningful! This lovely little claps melds seamlessly with the chain of your choice, and locks with a small hex screw and Allen wrench key. It’s the perfect way to make your jewelry lockable while still maintaining the beauty of your jewelry. Perfect for people allergic to lower quality metals!


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Ultra high quality, durable locking hex clasp that looks beautiful on any jewelry.

Hypoallergenic, low Nickle stainless steel that is perfect for most jewerly lovers.

Exquisitely discreet design that won’t weight you down, but leaves you feeling secure.

Shower and pool friendly so that you never have to take off your hex locked jewelry.

Inset screw design for a seamless hex clasp that won’t snag your clothes or skin.

Rust and tarnish proof so that you locking hex clasp stays as beautiful as your collar.

Standard hex key design so that even if you lose your key, you can remove your collar in an emergency.

Unisex design that looks great on anyone regardless of gender identity.

Backed by the Serenity in Chains guarantee so that you can purchase with confidence.

Add a hyper discreet, Beautiful, hypoallergenic locking clasp

And turn any piece of jewelry into a locking collar.

Need a locking collar but just not into the traditional padlocks? Looking to turn a necklace or bracelet into a more ‘traditional’ symbol of your beautiful dynamic? The Stainless Steel Hex locking Clasp is the perfect way to turn any piece of jewelry into a beautiful symbol of your lifestyle. 

Crafted from the finest stainless steel, this lovely collar lock is designed to be comfortable, hyper discreet, and secure. The oblong profile ensures that the hex lock moves with your body, without tangling terribly with chains and hair. The inset screw design ensures that it doesn’t scrape skin or snag clothing, unlike other locking claps that have uncomfortable screws sticking out.

To unlock the hex screw clasp, insert the allen wrench key into the hex screw and twist the allen key counter clockwise until the screw can be removed, then simply slide the male end from the female casing and your collar is ready to be placed on or removed. Simply reverse the process to close the locking hex clasp securely.

Installing the locking hex clasp on your jewelry is simple. Using 2 pairs of pliers gently twist open the end rings on your existing chain and remove the clasp and clasp end. Then slide the jump ring into the end of the Hex Clasp and twist closed! Not sure about installing the clasp yourself? No problem! Just Contact Me and we’ll get your jewelry to the studio for a professional locking hex clasp install!

Each Stainless Steel Locking Hex Clasp comes with 1 locking screw and one allen key wrench. Add and additional screw and key to your order to have them handy, just incase you lose one. After all, there is nothing worse than going to put your most precious possession into your beautiful collar, but you’ve lost the key!

Adding a discreet lock to your collar has never been so easy as it is with the Stainless Steel Hex Locking Clasp from Serenity in Chains!

Always Shipped Descreetly!

I adore my Serenity in Chains jewelry! I wear it all the time, and get so many compliments!
I bought an intimate chain for a vacation with my husband. We both adore it, and I felt so sexy wearing it!
I love the personalized locks I ordered, they are more beautiful than expected. I'll be ordering more for sure!

Don't make the right statement at the wrong time!

Your collar is a statement of your unique and beautiful relationship. But you only want that statement to be made to the RIGHT crowd! Choose a collar that fits your whole life, not just the fun part!


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