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Dark Odyssey Winter Fire featuring Serenity in Chains

Have you heard of Dark Odyssey Winter Fire? It’s the largest, most exciting BDSM lifestyle event east of the Mississippi! Thousands of kinky folks gather to take over a hotel for a whole weekend.

Think a mecca of no judgement – anything goes (within consent of course) – epic indulgence in a stunning, historic hotel for a WHOLE WEEKEND!

I’m talking all the play spaces you could ask for, naked-or-not yoga classes, top-notch food, beautiful rooms, and a mind blowing gathering of people all looking for the same thing – like minded community looking to indulge in the darker pleasures of life.

*Photo courtesy of the D.O. website
Directly from the Dark Odyssey website: 

"By day, learn sexual tips and techniques to create, maintain, or revive the erotic spark in your relationship. Explore a multitude of partnering possibilities, from swinging and open relationships to threesomes and polyamory. Brush up on the basics, or get hands-on experience at new BDSM skills like bondage, flogging, sensory deprivation and Dominant/submissive dynamics. Delve into a world of spiritual journeys and teachings on Earth-based spirituality, Tantra, and paganism. At night, be transported to a place where people are free to explore the boundaries of their inner desires in luxuriantly equipped dungeons and sensual playspaces, transformed by our famed ambiance team into a canvass for your erotic dreams. You can also take in a show by some of the most talented performers on the east coast, delve into your inner landscape with a powerful ritual or Tantric journey, or relax and socialize with friends old and new."

 So, you can imagine how crazy excited I am to announce that Serenity in Chains will be a featured artist in their world renowned kinky market! This amazing event takes place the weekend of Valentines Day, for 3 crazy nights full of sensual play, community, education, and shopping in Baltimore, MD. 

If you want to experience this once in a lifetime event, make sure you register your spot soon, as their event ALWAYS sells out and is close to being full. 

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