The art of sexiness.

If you are looking for ways to feel sexy all day long without being judged for it, you are in the right place!

My name in Michelle, and it’s my mission to make the world a kinder, and sexier place through  jewelry.

I know how it feels to want to express your sexier nature, but feel like you are stuck in a box someone else made. It’s uncomfortable, unauthentic, and dampens your joy.

One day I finally had enough. I decided to break out of that miserable box, and live the authentic life I craved.

Sound familiar? Keep reading.

I drew on my heritage of strong women, and my family tradition or being makers (my grandmother survived the Great Depression with a multitude of talents she passed down), and met the problem head on. With a little help from a friend, I taught myself the ancient art of chainmail, and dusted off my jewelry making skills given to me by my mother.

 I started designing non piercing nipple jewelry and discreet collars I could wear to my Fortune 500 office job. Admittedly, it took some courage at first. But I found that wearing these sexy pieces of jewelry with their hidden meanings gave me the confidence I needed and more.

Then, something amazing happened.

The CEO tried to buy my collar RIGHT OFF MY NECK for his wife. Neither were a part of the lifestyle, but he loved the design so much he had to have it.

It wasn’t long after that I took my designs out into the world. Now, I design for you. I handcraft pieces that fit into your life, but also celebrate your sexiness in an authentic way, one link at a time. Pieces you can wear any day, any time, in any company. Handcrafted jewelry that helps you blend your life into one seamless, authentically sexy whole.

I am so happy you are here, and I look forward to designing for you!

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