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New Arrival – Face Masks So Soft You Will Think They Are Made Of Clouds.

No one LOVES wearing a mask all the time, but I actually gasped with pleasure trying on this 2 layer cotton mask. I thought I had shoved my face into a cloud!

It’s no secret that Covid 19 has completely changed our lives. From simple tasks like shopping to family gatherings… everything has become more complicated. And while some things were incredibly temporary ( cough cough lockdowns cough), other measures have become just another part of our lives.

Like face masks.

Those bits of paper or scratchy cloth that smother your face, make it hard to breath, and are generally ill fitting and uncomfortable. They kinda suck.

No one LOVES wearing a mask all the time, and if you do… well I’m not going to kink shame. But if you are anything like me, you have spent countless hours looking at masks, trying them out, and then promptly becoming disappointed.

With their crappy sting ear loops, easily ripped paper or worse… fabric so tight it completely smothers you. Ugh.

After trying out what feels like a million masks, I ended up resigning myself to a this bulky thing.

THAT is my respirator.

While you might have never seen one of these industrial masks and most people will never own one, I have several in the studio. I use them when I am working with harsh chemicals that I shouldn’t be breathing in (ask me sometime about the burnishing compound incident), or when I am polishing and creating clouds of metal dust.

No one wants to breathe that!

Try going out to the grocery store in one! Kids cry, parents will ask you to take it off to avoid the kids crying (umm…no?), and random strangers will try to touch your face. How do I know… all these things have happened to me at the grocery store in my respirator.

And while a good respirator will theoretically protect you, it does NOTHING to protect others from you. The exhaust vent that allows you to breath out freely just spreads all your little Covid droplets on everyone you pass. Not good.

So I resolved to try fabric masks one more time.

That’s when I stumbled upon this beauty.

I know I know, you are probably like “ok… it’s a cloth mask… big deal” and normally you would be right. Except, when I slipped this mask on I thought I had shoved my face into a cloud!

No joke!

I actually gasped a little with pleasure at the feeling of the mask that stretched JUST RIGHT across my face. The cotton was insanely soft, the ear loops were super comfy, and the tapered cut hugged me just right!

I could have taken a nap in that mask, and I knew I just HAD to have them for you!

While I can’t sew for shit, what I CAN do is beg others to sew for you. So I tracked down the designer and begged, pleaded, and blackmailed them until thee agreed to let me acquire some for you!

Ok… maybe I just talked to them a bunch, but still…

So for a limited time I’ve partnered with the designer, 12PM, to bring you these crazy soft 2 layer cotton masks in 4 beautiful colors. And I didn’t stop there, because what is a mask without a little Serenity in Chains flair? Not only can you get yourself one of these cozy clouds for your face, but you can pair it with an stylish bit of mask bling too!

No more scratchy, ill fitting, boring face masks. Now you’ll be able to glitter your way through the grocery store! Plus, these mask chains aren’t just pretty accessories. They double as a mask holder, because NOTHING is worse than having to take your mask off, and then stuffing it into a pocket with god-knows-what or plopping it down on a Covid ridden table.

Do you want covid? Cause putting your mask down is how you get Covid…

Curious how that works? Let me demonstrate for you…

Tired of uncomfortable, scratchy, stuffy mask masks?

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