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At Home Valentine’s Day Activities For Couples

Looking to have an extra sexy Valentine’s Day date at home, but not sure what to do? Try these 5 activities for couples that want a Valentines Date at home to remember!

Valentine’s day is like Christmas but for lovers. It’s the one day of the year that it is completely socially acceptable to blow through modesty and get super sexy in public and in private, and is usually coupled with the exchange of sensual gifts.

Typically, it includes a swanky candle lit dinner out with your love to the sweet cadence of live music, long sultry glances and breathy anticipation, maybe a little footsy under the table, and then retiring to a quiet corner for some steamy love play.

However, with the pandemic everything has changed. Dinner out becomes dinner at home, social distancing means no soft serenades from musicians, and that quite corner is your bedroom instead of a hotel room. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazingly sexy Valentine ’s Day date!

Instead of braving the crowds, not to mention Covid, try one of these sexy date night ideas to make this year’s V-day celebration more memorable than ever.

1. Make Your Own Candle Lit Dinner.

You might not be able to visit your favorite food spot, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a delicious candle lit dinner date. Making dinner together at home can be an incredibly sexy bonding experience. Just think about all those sultry glances over a steaming pot of pasta, not to mention the opportunity for spatula spankings!

Taking a few moments to plan your Valentine’s Day dinner together is another chance to build intimacy. Talk about your favorite flavors, scroll through Pinterest recipes together, and select a few dishes you are both interested in.

Not the cooking type? It’s totally acceptable to cheat and order takeout from your favorite restaurant. Plus, that saves time for more sexy fun later in the evening.

2. Curate A Romantic Movie Session.

Pre-pandemic, many couples would enjoy a romantic movie in the theaters after dinner. Unfortunately, most Movie Theaters are closed. Instead bring the movie theater experience to your living room.

Pop some popcorn, lay out some sweet treats, turn off the lights and cuddle up on the couch to your favorite flick. Not only is this a great way to feel closer on Valentine’s Day, no one will judge you if you get up to a little hanky-panky in the dark.

3. Create a Sexy Spa Experience.

There is something just so sensual about bath time with your love. Imagine spreading suds over their naked skin in the warm water, and watching them slide into oblivion as you stroke their body. Sound like a fantasy? It doesn’t have to be.

You don’t need a claw foot tub to make a sexy spa experience happen. All you need it a warm bath or a shower, some bubbles, and your imagination. Don’t forget the scented candles!

4. Create A Sinful Scavenger Hunt.

Hide treats and treasures around the house, along with clues to find the next delightful piece. You can use chocolates, fun little knick-knacks, or even bits of clothing and adult toys as the hidden treasures. Tie the entire game into the evening by having the last piece found be in the bedroom, which will lead you into the next Valentine’s Day adult activity.

5. Slip Into Something Sensual For A Bit Of Bedroom Play.

Culminate your evening in the most intimate setting, the bedroom. Slip into something sexy, like a bit of new lingerie (or for the guys maybe a sexy suit). Couple it with a new piece of intimate jewelry, or other sensual accoutrements for extra visual excitement. Turn off the lights, and have a few candles going to set the ambience. You can also put your favorite music on low to enhance the scene.

Then explore each other in new ways. Maybe you are on top tonight when you aren’t normally, or maybe you try out the new impact toy or handcuffs you got recently. Make it fun, and don’t worry about it being perfect. Just being together and setting aside the space to be intimate is enough.

Besides, after the night you’ve had, you’ll both be waking up with a new sense of intimate bond, refreshing your relationship and feeding your soul.

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