Windswept Moon Bracelet

Capture all the mysterious beauty of the full moon on your wrist.


Become a nocturnal goddess the moon with this silver chainmail bracelet and watch her beauty light up.

The Windswept Moon silver chain bracelet captures all the alluring mystery of the windswept moon around your wrist. 


  • Meticulously handcrafted one link at a time with the ancient technique of chainmail, or ring weaving.
  • Exquisitely crafted using an ancient chainmail weave called Japanese Lace, blending a rich history with a stunning modern design in one glorious bracelet.
  • Hauntingly beautiful full moon beads crafted from mother of pearl with gorgeous shimmery burst of moonlight colors.
  • Hypoallergenic and feather light jewelry grade aluminum so brilliantly polished that you will swear it’s sterling silver.
  • Tarnish proof, rust proof metal that requires none of the intense care or cleaning of sterling silver.
  • Complete with mirror polished, super durable stainless steel clasp and extension chain, so you can adjust your bracelet to fit perfectly.

Have you ever been captivated by the haunting beauty of a full moon on a windswept night? Now you can capture that mysterious allure of the midnight moon and wrap it around your wrist with the Windswept Moon bracelet.

This stunning silver chunky chain bracelet features pearly moon beads peeking out between silver chainmail clouds for a stunning piece of handcrafted jewelry that you will find yourself reaching or again and again.

Each shimmering milky disk on this lovely full moon bracelet is crafted from the finest natural shell, with all the pearlescent beauty of mother of pearl. Each beautiful moon is unique, and full of the lovely hues of moonlight. With no two moons being the same, each bracelet is 100% unique just like your stunning beauty.

Handcrafted from feather light, eco friendly jewelry grade aluminum this moon bead bracelet has all the luster of sterling silver with none of the irritating tarnish or weight. Complete with super durable, mirror polished stainless steel clasp and 1 inch extension chain, this adjustable chain bracelet is sure to fit your wrist perfectly.

Part of the Japanese Lace collection, the Windswept Moon bracelet is crafted using an ancient chainmail technique called Japanese lace. This beautiful but time consuming chainmail style was invented in the 13th century in japan, and was worn exclusively by samurai in imperial service. Owning a piece of Japanese Lace chainmail was a sign of wealth, elegance, and imperial favor.

You’ll never find a more exotically beautiful silver chain bracelet anywhere.

Light up your beauty and let your inner goddess dance in the moonlight with the stunning Windswept Moon Bracelet.

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