Unshattered Heart Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry

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Be reminded that Love and Beauty mend all with the Unshattered Heart Non Piercing nipple chain.

Love yourself and feel ultimately sexy.

  • Glittering silver handcrafted chain glows against your skin to heighten your beauty and boost your mood.
  • 18 inch necklace that dangles the pendant over your breastbone to draw the eye in just the right spot.
  • 11 inch nipple chains that almost any size for a delectably sensual secret.
  • Stunning crackly turquoise heart pendant to remind you that no matter the struggle, you are sexy, confident and beautiful.
  • Elegant nipple chains for that sexy confidence boost.
  • Stunning crystal nipple tassels so you will glitter like a goddess.
  • Soft, adjustable nipple nooses that fit almost any nipple comfortably.
  • Luxuriously handcrafted to give you the ultimate sexy confidence boost.
  • Complete with silky mesh storage pouch so that you can easily find your nipple chain, if you take it off that is.
  • Backed by the Serenity in Chains guarantee

When life grew hard and the day grew dark, her heart shattered into a million pieces. She waited for her knight in shining armor to come hug her hard, hoping to fuse her shattered heart back together. Then she realized, all she needed was inside herself. So she squeezed herself tight, and un-shattered her heart.

No matter how dark the day the Unshattered heart non piercing nipple chain will remind you of your sexy confidence!

Stunningly designed and exquisitely handcrafted to heighten your natural beauty and make you feel like a sexy and powerful goddess, the Unchained Heart is give you extra confidence day or night.

Luminous silver chain suspends a radiant turquoise heart pendant full of captivating black lines to give it that unique un-shattered look. Below the Unshattered Heart is a jet black bead captured in filigree symbolizing how beauty can even come from the darkest night. Flowing gracefully below are two glimmering silver nipple chains that connect via silken soft, adjustable nipple nooses that will fit almost any nipple size. Dangling from each soft noose is a Filigree jet bead dripping glittering smoky rainbow colored crystals, reminding us that every dark night ends in a brilliant dawn.

Give yourself the most sexy reminder of your beautiful, sensual strength with an stunningly handcrafted Unshattered Heart nipple chain by Serenity in Chains.