Unchained Heart Anklet

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Unchain your inner goddess and let her passion show with the Unchained Heart anklet.

It’s time to let your sexy side come out and play!

  • Stunningly elegant design that goes with any outfit or season for a timeless piece of jewelry you can war all year long.
  • Glittering mirror polished, diamond cut stainless steel chain for a durable anklet you will never want to take off.
  • Mirror polished stainless steel mini heart charm to symbolize your beauty and passion, unchained.
  • Durable stainless steel clasp so that your anklet stays secure in place.
  • Gorgeously handcrafted for an indulgent piece of jewelry that looks and feels spectacularly luxuriant.
  • Perfect for 24/7 wear including showering.
  • Backed by the Serenity in Chains guarantee.

Slip off your winter boots, and slip into something sexy when you slide on the Unchained Heart handcrafted anklet from Serenity in Chains.

This beautiful anklet is simply exquisite. Handcrafted from the finest stainless steel chain, and polished to a sparkling shine, the Unchained Heart anklet is the perfect feminine accessory to boost your confidence, heighten your beauty, and help you unchain your passion!

Ultra fine, shimmer diamond cut stainless steel chain caressed your ankle holding a tiny polished stainless heart charm against your skin. Glittering provocatively from your delicate ankle, the Unchained Heart anklet will give a little extra sexy spring to your step.

Ravishingly beautiful, and gorgeously designed and handcrafted, this super elegant anklet will be a timeless piece of your collection that you will never want to take off. Wear it will sexy kitten heals, boots, or flip-flops for an boost to your natural allure.

Unchain your passion and let your sexy inner goddess come out and play with the stunningly handcrafted Unchained Heart anklet from Serenity in Chains.