Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Padlock

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Give her the Goddess treatment with a glittering sterling silver heart shaped padlock.

She will feel radiantly elegant with this sterling silver heart lock on her collar


  • Sinfully gorgeous, handcrafted solid sterling silver heart shaped padlock that it perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

  • Nickle free design that will not degrade over time like cheaper heart padlocks.

  • Special sterling silver construction that will not tarnish!

  • Highly durable jeweler’s brass internal mechanisms that will last for years to come.

  • Beautiful satin finish that glimmers in the light and is the perfect discreet focal for any collar.

  • Fully functioning padlock that truly locks for the sexiest collaring experience.

  • Complete with 2 solid sterling silver keys so beautiful, they could be jewelry themselves.

  • Over 3 weeks of master silver work to complete each lock.


Hundreds of people have asked me for a more hypoallergenic, longer lasting lock option for sensitive skin. I am happy to say that I now offer stunningly hand forged sterling silver heart locks that contain NO nickel!

These beautiful little collars locks are truly a work of art. Hand forged from a special sterling silver that is exclusive to Serenity in Chains that will not tarnish, these lovely heart shaped padlocks are perfect for daily wear for even the most sensitive skin. The solid sterling silver construction ensures that you never have to worry about your lock turning your skin weird colors, or degrading over time.

But what about the parts you don’t see? Unlike other locks that hide nickel in their internal mechanisms, or worse use a cheap form of sterling silver that is so soft it degrades a little with every use, the mechanisms in my locks are high quality, durable, nickel free jeweler’s brass. By using jeweler’s brass for the working internal components, it ensures that you exquisitely handcrafted sterling silver collar lock will be functional and beautiful for years to come.

No more worrying about ugly pitting, pealing, or discoloration. These marvelous little sterling padlocks contain no tarnishing elements, and are solid sterling silver. Hand polished to a delightful finish and complete with two solid sterling silver keys, you’ll never need another collar lock again!

However, there are very limited quantities available. Each handcrafted sterling heart lock takes over 3 weeks to complete! That makes these little locks a rare beauty and a true work of art.

Never worry about having to replace your cheap, plated collar lock again! Give yourself or your mate some goddess sparkle with a stunningly hand forged sterling silver heart padlock from Serenity in Chains!