Square Rhinestone Lock As Seen In Seventeen Magazine

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This square rhinestone lock is absolutely beautiful, and the photos don't do it justice! 60 diamond brilliant rhinestones wrap the entire lock, giving you 360 degrees of sparkling rainbows for your enjoyment. Perfect for a jewelry lock, or for that perfect focal of a formal locking collar, or even as a stunning purse or luggage closure, this gorgeous square rhinestone lock is a must has for anyone looking to add some glittering elegance to their style!

Hight: 1.5 inch (3.8cm)

Width: 1 inch (2.5cm)

Depth: .5 inch (1.2 cm)

Keys: 2

  • Mirror finished so that you could virtually see yourself in your lock.
  • 2 keys so that you always have a spare key at hand.
  • Over 30 genuine crystals so that you glitter with every movement.

This square rhinestone lock is slightly larger than a quarter (a bit over 1 inch wide and about 1/2 I can thick) and is covered in 60 brilliant rhinestones that are every bit as beautiful as diamonds, at a fraction of the price. This rhinestone lock really is beautiful, and the pictures just don't convey the amount of sparkle this thing throws off, even in the lowest light!

The gorgeous Rhinestone Lock was featured in Seventeen Magazine's November 2013 issue on page 127! See the last photo.

**Never wear locking jewelry without the key present and accessible, as this may result in serious injury**