Sleigh Bell Nipple Charms

Bigger, bolder, and louder than our jingle bell nipple charms, these larger sleigh bells are sure to be heard! Make sexy music with our sleigh bell nipple jewelry adorning your body! Our non piercing, musical nipple bells are a fantastic way to get the attention of that special someone!

Strung on soft rubber nooses, these jingling beauties are easy to wear, light, and comfortable. Just slip them on a slightly erect nipple, and cinch up the bead! No pain, all pleasure.

This item also includes:

- 1 mesh storage pouch

- 1 set of wear instructions

  • Soft non piercing nipple nooses for a unique and comfortable boudoir look.
  • Cheerful, lound jingle so that you make music with every movement.
  • Adjustable noose design to fit almost any size.
  • Feather light, so that you never feel weighed down by your jewelry.
  • 100% handcrafted.

If you have a ring piercing we are happy to convert the noose to a clasp upon request (no charge)!

Shipped in discreet, unmarked mailers to maintain your privacy.