Silver Bell Nipple Chain Non piercing Intimate Jewelry

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Why not add a little music to your love life with this beautiful silver bell non piercing nipple chain? Strung with tiny, fully functional bells on a simple silver tone chain that chime with each movement. This beautiful piece of intimate jewelry attaches with soft rubber adjustable nooses provide comfortable wear. This 11 inch, unique nipple chain is guaranteed to be a fun and festive hit no matter where and when you wear it!

Length: 11 inches (30cm)

This item also includes:

- 1 hand crafted mesh storage pouch

- 1 set of wear instructions

  • Soft non piercing nipple nooses for a unique and comfortable boudoir look.
  • Adorable tiny bells that jingle softly, so that you make sweet music with every step
  • Mirror finished sparkle, drawing the eye to just the right spots for a glittering sex appeal.
  • Adjustable noose design to fit almost any size.
  • 100% handcrafted.

All of our intimate jewelry is designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. Simply spread the soft rubber noose, and slip over your nipple. Once the rubber loop is in place, slide the silver bead up to desired tightness.

Our intimate nipple jewelry is a great way to add some sparkle and spicy to your love life, without the pain and hassle of piercings. They can be worn all by themselves, with lingerie, or under clothing as a sensual little secret.

Already pierced? No problem! Just slip the noose behind your piercing and cinch up the bead to desired tightness. If you have a ring piercing we are happy to convert the noose to a clasp upon request!