Rose Chainmail Lotus Candle Holder

Would you like a Tealight Candle with that?

It blooms with your mood! That's right, a candle holder that you can change the shape of! Our beautiful handmade lotus candle holders are 100% poseable. Simply arrange the petals to suit your mood. From that 'just open' bud look blossomed lotus to fully open flower and anywhere in between!

Each lotus is made painstakingly by hand. First, we craft the base one ring at a time from aluminum chainmail, then we hand place each of the over 40 petals by hand to ensure a fully mobile, beautiful bloom.

Size: Tea light

Dimensions: 2 inches (5cm) tall and 3.5 inches (9cm) wide

Material: Aluminum

  • Adustable design for 2 unique candle experiences.
  • Beautifully colored to add a bright pop of color to your home.
  • Use with essential oils for a chemical-free scent experience.
  • Tealight sized, perfect for any small space.
  • 100% handcrafted.

Included with your purchase will be posing instructions.

Add a plastic based tea light, guaranteed to fit. Just choose "Lotus With Tea light".

Also doubles as an essential oil diffuser! Just swab a little essential oil on the petals with a Q-tip or a dropper, light an unscented Tea Light, and enjoy the scent as it fills your home!

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