Passion's Bloom non Piercing Nipple Chain

Bring your charming sensual nature into full blossom when you slip into the Passion’s Bloom nipple chain.

A stunning body chain that will have you feeling like a sultry nature goddess.

  • Gorgeously carved dark silver domed pendant that is both eye catching and discreetly sexy.
  • Beautifully handcrafted for the ultimate sexy accessory you can wear day or night.
  • 18 inch necklace that dangles the pendant over your breastbone to draw the eye in just the right spot.
  • 11 inch nipple chains that almost any size for a delectably sensual secret.
  • Feather light gunmetal silver aluminum chain for a feather light body chain that is heavy with sensual allure.
  • Silky soft, comfortable, adjustable nipple nooses that will fit almost any nipple.
  • Mirror polished stainless steel clasp so you can feel confidently sexy and secure in your new favorite nipple jewelry.
  • Stunningly discreet, sensual design that has been fully tests in public, so you can carry that super sexy feeling with you all day.

Just like the red rosebud slowly unfurling for our delight each spring, so too will you sensual nature blossom when you slip into a stunningly handcrafted Passion’s Bloom non piercing nipple chain.

This delightful nipple necklace features an exquisitely carved, dark silver heart pendant. Along the pendants surface are flowing leaves, tightly curled buds, and a single blooming flower designs to inspire your inner nature goddess to confidence. Gently domed to cup your warmth over your heart, this enthrallingly adorned heart pendant is both visually stunning and tactilely exciting. You’ll find yourself stroking each carved ridge, and might even be inspired to invite others to do so as well!

Arching away from the stunning heart focal are two feather light dark silver nipple chains that attach with soft, adjustable latex free nipple nooses. Simply slip the noose around the base of each nipple, and adjust the bead up to your desired tightness for an extra sensual experience. Want a little more sensation? Simply tighten the noose to your heart’s content for a more tingly experience.


Want to take the sexy sensation with you? Passion’s Bloom body chain is discreet enough to wear out! Simply slip on the necklace and nipple chains under your clothes, and enjoy the sexy confidence boost anywhere, anytime. No one will ever know it’s a nipple chain! How do I know? I test every design in the most conservative settings to ensure they pass the most prudish examination.


Ready to experience the rush or sensual confidence? Then slip into a Passion’s Bloom non piercing nipple chain by Serenity in Chains.