Elemental Sprites Nipple Jewelry Non Piercing

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Are you ready to feel like a cosmic goddess? These sinfully stunning Elemental Sprites nipple jewelry will have you feeling like a celestial siren, ready to lure the unsuspecting into your sexy embrace! Full of sparkle and light, these beautiful nipple charms feature a square elemental swirl designed to tap into your nymph like nature. Dangling below are glittering crystal cubes, plucked straight from the stars and full of alluring sparkle.

Comfortable, adjustable, and sinfully sexy, the Elemental Sprite nipple jewelry will have you feeling like a spring maiden ready for the sultry fun of the first full moon! to slip into Goddess mode, simply lightly pinch your nipples until they are erect, slip the soft silicone noose around the base of your nipple, cinch up the adjustment bead, and become the sexy sprite you know you are.

 1 set of nipple jewelry
 1 mesh storage pouch
 1 Wear Instructions



  • 100% adjustable and comfortable for virtually any nipple size (please note will not work with inverted nipples).
  • Latex free Silicone Noose for Hypoallergenic Wear.
  • Authentic, fire polished crystal for the ultimate scintillating experience.
  • Feather light design for maximum sexy comfort.
  • Storage pouch included for quick access and safe storage.
  • Embued with extra sex appeal for maximum goddess sensation.

Wear Instructions:

  1. Lightly pinch nipple to erect state.
  2. Slip silicone noose on nipple near base.
  3. Cinch up adjustment bead.
  4. Enjoy the sexy confidence boost!!

Already pierced? No problem! Just slip the noose behind your piercing and cinch up the bead to desired tightness. Or ask for complimentary piercing connector!

Shipped in discreet, unmarked mailers to maintain your privacy.