Natural Copper Square Mini Byzantine Chainmail Bracelet

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Natural copper jewelry is beautiful, but we have taken it over the top with this natural copper Chainmaille bracelet with square copper rings! This beautiful byzantine Chainmaille bracelet features stunning, tiny rings made from square copper wire. Each ring is hand turned and saw cut to perfection, tumbled to a silky finish, and hand assembled in this beautiful copper chainmaille bracelet.

Length: you choose!

Clasp: Copper Claw

  • Unique square ring design that ensure you have a unique bracelet you will find no where else!
  • Natural, uncoated copper for a non-toxic and eco friendly bracelet you can wear all day, every day.
  • Gently changes color over time to match your unique skin chemistry, but is easily restored to bright coppery color with lemon juice.
  • 100% handcrafted chainmail, woven one link at a time.

Although copper does tarnish and oxidize with age, our nature copper is easy to bring back to a beautiful shine with just a quick dip in some lemon juice.

Some believe that wearing natural copper jewelry can provide you health benefits and increased healing properties. Although we can't say if this is true, we can assure you that wearing this beautiful natural copper byzantine chainmail bracelet will certainly add some pep in your step!