Men's Handmade Copper Bracelet - Half Persian Chainmail Bracelet

Copper is a timeless metal that has been used for centuries in jewelry applications. We've taken this ancient use of copper and combined it with the medieval art of chainmail to create a copper chainmail bracelet that is stylish and classic. The half persian weave of this copper chainmail bracelet gives the metal a unique braided look that is very popular with our male customers! The slinky feel of this bracelet combined with the earthy natural copper ensures that it will never clash and always be in style.

Length: You Choose

Clasp: Claw

Material: Copper

  • Uncoated copper with no harsh/toxic chemical coating.
  • Changes a unique collar according to your particular body chemistry.
  • Crafted one link at a time fro durability and beautiful wear.
  • Easily restored to luster with lemon juice.
  • 100% handcrafted

Natural copper is believed to have many health benefits for the wearer. It is believed to increase circulation, decrease swelling and arthritis pain, and promote general health. We can't promise that wearing this bracelet will do all those things, but it is certain to be a mood lifting piece of jewelry!