Lucky Light Clover Nipple Chain – Limited Edition

Get Lucky and feel sexy in the Lucky Clove No Piercing Nipple Chain, featuring dark crystal accents and hypoallergenic stainless steel chain.




  • Limited Edition Design only found at Serenity in Chains, so you will have a unique piece of nipple jewelry.
  • 18 inch necklace with a secure stainless steel lobster claw clasp so your necklace sits at the prime sexy spot. Need a longer one? Contact Me.
  • 11 inch dual nipple chains that drape gracefully across the body and sparkle enticingly so you create the ultimate sexy display.
  • No Piercing Necessary so you can enjoy this nipple chain without painful piercings. Already pierced and want one? Contact Me.
  • Feather Light aluminum chain that won’t weigh you down.
  • Tarnish Proof so that you never have to worry about your nipple chain turning colors.
  • 4 Leaf Clover Pendant that is stunning and just might help you get a little lucky.
  • Glittering Crystal Accents to help you set the mood.
  • Exquisitely handcrafted from the finest materials that will excite and delight you for years to come.
  • Discreet design so that you can wear this stunning body chain in public, or private for an extra confidence boost.
  • Adjustable nipple nooses crafted from body safe silicone that fit almost any size, comfortably.
  • Backed by the Serenity in Chains guarantee so that you can purchase with confidence!

A Lucky Limited Edition Nipple Chain

All sexy, no piercing.

Inspired by the lore of the lucky 4 leaf clover, this sexy  nipple chain requires no piercings and will have you feeling like a million bucks at the end of a rainbow. The 4 leaf clover is not only the symbol of luck, but also of faith between lovers, undying hope, love as wide as the sky. This ancient Irish symbol has long been used as a lover’s token, gifting the four leaf clover as a symbol of desire and beauty.

Limited Edition

Looking for a sensual necklace to nipple chain that isn’t like the millions out there? You’ve found it! The Lucky Light nipple chain is limited edition. Only a few will be made, and once they are gone they wont be restocked. This ensures your nipple chain is a unique piece you can enjoy for years to come.

Discreet Enough For Public Wear.

This stunningly beautiful piece of no piercing nipple jewelry is designed to be both sensual and discreet. Pair the lucky clover nipple chain with your favorite plaid dress and wear it out, or slip into something black and lacy and turn up the excitement

Handcrafted From The Finest Materials.

Each Lucky Clover non piercing nipple jewelry is meticulous handcrafted from the finest materials available. Mirror polished stainless steel chain sparkles along your neck and draped elegantly across your body, catching the light as your move. The stainless steel 4 leaf clover pendant and nipple tassels ensure a stylish and sexy visual, while the soft silicone nipple nooses provide the perfect fit.

Fully tarnish proof, the Lucky Clover no piercing nipple chain is perfect for frequent wear, and can even be worn in the shower! After all, there is no rainbows without a little rain.

Adjustable Nipple Nooses.

The super soft, body safe silicone nipple nooses are fully adjustable to fit your unique shape comfortably. Each noose is slipped around the base of the nipple, and cinched to your desired tightness with the cinch bead.

Want a little extra sensation? Cinch them as tight as you like, and enjoy the feeling of eternal sexiness.

No Weight, No Tarnish, All Sensual Appeal!

Crafted with feather light aluminum, you’ll feel nothing but sexy in the Luck Light nipple chain. Plus, your chain will never tarnish so you wont have to spend hours scrubbing it between wears, if you ever take it off that is!

Easy Storage, Easy Sex Appeal

Each  nipple chain comes complete with a silken storage pouch, Simply slip your nipple chain into the pouch and store is in your boudoir within reach for a quick, easy, stunning confidence boost.

Not that you’ll want to be without for very long. 

Are you ready to get lucky tonight?

Ships Worldwide in discreet packaging!
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I bought an intimate chain for a vacation with my husband. We both adore it, and I felt so sexy wearing it!
I can't believe how sexy I feel in my Serenity in chains nipple jewelry! It even makes vacuuming more exciting!
I can't believe how sexy I feel in my Serenity in chains nipple jewelry! It even makes vacuuming more exciting!

You deserve to feel sexy and confident!

Let your inner sex kitten come out to play with a beautifully handcrafted piece of non piercing nipple jewelry.

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