Large Heart Lock

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Punctuation counts, spaces do not.

If none selected, Murphy will be used (if engraving is purchased)

It's time to up your collaring game, so that your sub cn go collared 24/7! How do you do that? Just add a gorgeous heart shaped bdsm collar lock from Serenity in Chains!

Similar to our ultra popular small heart padlock, these lovely heart shaped locks are simply stunning. Designed to present as a high end, fashionable pendant, the heart shaped collar lock is perfect for adding that additional layer of "vanilla camoflague" to your bdsm day collar that allows you to go collared 24/7 with peace of mind. Polished to a exquisite mirror finish so smoth, you can see your own reflection, these lovely little locks truly are the perfect bondage collar accessory.

As always with Serenity in Chains bdsm locking jewelry, each beautiful heart lock comes with two matching keys so you always have a key for emergencies. Plus, the mirror finish makes the perfect surface to add your personalize message. Put something simple like a date or "I love you" on one side for day time, and a secret, special message like "owned" or "pet on the other for like minded company.

Ready to take your collaring experience to the next beautiful level? Grab you Serenity in Chains heart shaped padlock in Gold or Silver.

This fully functioning lock comes with 2 handcuff style keys.

  • Mirror finished so that you could virtually see yourself in your lock.
  • 2 keys so that you always have a spare key at hand.
  • Adorable heart shape that looks more like a high fashion pendant than a lock, for the ultimate discretion.

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* Do not wear locking jewelry without access to the key, as serious injury could occur in situations where locking jewelry should not be worn. Always ensure the key is within reach in case of an emergency!