Heart Noir Slave Bracelet

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The Heart Noir slave bracelet will have you feeling like a smoking hot femme fatale.

Shamelessly handcrafted so that you will radiate sensual allure so sharp you could kill with a steamy look.

  • Stunning slave bracelet design that moves with you so that ever gesture oozes beauty.
  • Meticulously handcrafted with the highest quality components for care free wear.
  • Feather light gunmetal silver aluminum chain bracelet design that is light weight, but heavy with sexy fashion.
  • Large ring chain that will fit a size 4-14 finger, wearable on any finger from index to ring.
  • Enchanting filigree heart focal that caresses the back of your hand.
  • Mirror polished stainless steel clasp and adjustable chain so your new favorite bracelet stays securely on your wrist.
  • Glittering crystal with dazzling jewel tone facets that change with each twist.

You don’t have to transport to the 1950s to capture the sexy appeal of the femme fatale. Now you can be the star of your own Film Noir with a stunning Heart Noir slave bracelet by Serenity in Chains!

This flirtatious chain bracelet features stunningly light, shimmering dark silver chain that slithers around your wrist. Caressing the back of your hand is a drop-dead gorgeous filigree heart focal and glistening crystal spinner that changes color with every rotation. Finished with a fin ring chain that will fit a size 4 to 14, this intoxicating hand flower will look glamourous on every hand.

Whether you wear the ring chain on your index, middle, or ring finger the Heart Noir dark silver chain bracelet will have you looking mysterious and sexy. Couples with the Heart Noir Non Piercing Nipple Chain, you will be transformed into a seductive Femme Fatale!

Elevate your style with a bit of sensuous flair with the Heart Noir slave bracelet by Serenity in Chains!