Heart Noir Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry

The Heart Noir non piercing nipple chain will have you feeling like a seductive Femme Fatale!

Delectably designed and handcrafted so that you will radiate sensual appeal with this beautiful piece of no piercing nipple jewelry.

  • Exquisitely handcrafted to create a piece of sensual jewelry that will have you feeling like a sexy femme fatale

  • Crafted with feather light, eco friendly aluminum so you only feel stunning confidence, not stifling weight.

  • Uniquely dual chain necklace and nipple chain design that is eye catching at all the right places.

  • 18 inch necklace that dangles the pendant over your breastbone to draw the eye in just the right spot.

  • 11 inch nipple chains that almost any size for a delectably sensual secret.

  • Sparkling crystal drops that glitter in even the softest, most sensual light.

  • Super soft, fully adjustable and latex free nipple nooses that comfortably fit any nipple size.

  • Backed by the Serenity in Chains quality guarantee.

Sensual shadows, the glitter of ice in a glass, the glow of nighttime lights. Evoke the steamy allure of the Femme Fatale when you adorn your body with the Heart Noir non piercing nipple chain.

Stunningly handcrafted for the most sexy sensations, this lovely nipple chain isn’t just gorgeous body jewelry, it’s a transport to a world of red lipstick, garter belts, and sexiness.

Uniquely designed with double draping gunmetal silver chain necklace that suspends a mysteriously beautiful black filigree heart pendant that draws the eye and captivates their attention. Dual nipple chains flow sensually from the Heart Noir pendant, connecting with smoky glittering crystals on soft, adjustable nipple nooses. Complete with ultra high quality stainless steel clasp and extra allure, this stunning body chain will have you feeling like the sexy heroine of your own film noir.

Certainly sexy enough to wear all on it’s own, the Heart Noir non piercing nipple chain is also discreet enough to wear under your clothing as a stylish necklace. Fully tested in the most conservative environments, this lovely nipple noose jewelry will appear as nothing more than a gorgeous fashion accessory with a dangling tassel. They will never know it’s a nipple chain, unless you let them in on your steamy secret.

Capture the sensual allure of the femme fatale when you slip into the Heart Noir nipple jewelry by Serenity in Chains.