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Gemstone Day Collar

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Looking for a show stopping day collar that is beautiful, but will only give the right message to the right people? This elegantly handcrafted Gemstone day collar is stunningly gorgeous, and above all ULTIMATELY DISCREET.

Fine, high quality stainless steel chain and glittering genuine gemstone spheres stud this expertly handcrafted discreet BDSM collar, making it perfect for 24/7 wear. No clasp on this gorgeously gem studded handmade chain, the slip-through design gives a seamless lariat appearance. Completed with a mirror finished, silver heart lock and 2 heart shaped keys, this designer collar is the ultimate discreet collar experience!


Length: 18 inches(45.7cm) to 20 inches (50.8 cm)

Material: Stainless Steel Chain

Gemstone: Your Choice

Clasp: Heart lock and keys​


• Adjustable design with genuine gemstone ‘stop bead’ so that you get a comfortable, custom fit every time.

• Luxuriously handcrafted with high quality, fine stainless steel chains and vibrant gemstones so that you can have 24/7 continuous wear.

• Fully functioning heart lock closure with two heart shaped keys, so an extra key is always at hand.

• Fashionable Lariat style design for ultimate discretion, so that you can go collared in any situation with confidence.

• Arrives in beautiful logo box, in a discreetly unmarked mailer.


One customer recently told us: "My girl wore this to Thanksgiving dinner. No one noticed she couldn't take it off. Her family thought it was just a beautiful necklace!"

Stainless steel will nor rust or tarnish, and will never need polish. It is durable, and beautiful... the perfect for 24/7 wear.

*Never wear locking jewelry without the Key present and available for your safety.

Always shipped discreetly!

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Reviewed by redens2006 on Dec 13, 2016
Simple and elegant and close to a day collar in style
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