Controlled Chaos Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry

Unique body jewelry that give you an amazingly sexy confidence boost!


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You will feel out of control sexy with this non piercing nipple chain!

Why Serenity in Chains is the premier body jewelry shop!

  • 100% handcrafted designer nipple chains for maximum sex appeal and confidence boost.
  •  Latex free, soft silicone  adjustable nipple nooses that fit nearly any nipple size.
  • Ultra high quality materials for the most luxurious nipple jewelry experience.
  • Perfect as a stand-alone nipple accessory or can be worn under the blouse for discreet sex appeal.
  • Front clasping nipple necklace for easy on and off, so your jewelry doesn’t slow down your sensual groove.

Ready to add a little sexy chaos to your life? Then its time you slipped into a stunningly sexy Chaos Chain and let your confidence soar.

This sinfully gorgeous non piercing nipple chain is the perfect confidence boosting accessory for any lady looking to let her inner sultry goddess shine. Whether you’re a shy acolyte or a nubile priestess of the seductive arts, you will delight in wearing this sensual piece of body jewelry.

 100% handcrafted with shimmering gunmetal chain and hypnotic silver wire chaos pendant for a stunning piece of unique body jewelry that you won’t be able to resist wearing. Dipping below the silvery chaos pendant are two gun mental nipple chains that attach with latex free, adjustable silicone nipple nooses that will fit almost any nipple size.

Want to carry that sexy confidence out of the bedroom and into the board room? No Problem! Simple slip on the tantalizing chaos chain under your blouse for a discreet confidence boost.

Trust me, I know! I’ve worn this exact design right into a corporate meeting with a fortune 500 company! No one ever knew it was a nipple chain, but I carried a sexy, secret smile the whole time.

Unlike the clip on nipple jewelry, our nipple chains are comfortable and adjustable. Requiring no painful piercings or extended healing time, this alluring nipple chain is the perfect alternative to permanent piercings.

To wear simply:

  1. Lightly pinch your nipple until it becomes erect.
  2. Spread the soft silicone nipple noose and place around the base of the nipple.
  3. Cinch up the adjustment bead to desired tightness.

Whether you are looking to create an impassioned experience for a significant other, or tap into your inner sensual nature, the Controlled Chaos non piercing nipple jewelry is the perfect sexy accessory to add a little bit of sensual chaos to your life!

Ships Worldwide in discreet packaging!
I bought an intimate chain for a vacation with my husband. We both adore it, and I felt so sexy wearing it!
I can't believe how sexy I feel in my Serenity in chains nipple jewelry! It even makes vacuuming more exciting!
I can't believe how sexy I feel in my Serenity in chains nipple jewelry! It even makes vacuuming more exciting!

You deserve to feel sexy and confident!

Let your inner sex kitten come out to play with a beautifully handcrafted piece of non piercing nipple jewelry.

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