Budding Blossom Silver Chain Bracelet

Bring your beauty into full bloom with a gracefully elegant Budding Blossom silver chainmail bracelet.


Your beauty will come into full bloom with this breathtaking silver flower bracelet.

The Budding Blossom silver chainmail bracelet is your next most cherished piece of jewelry.

  • Enchanting blooming flower design that is sure to become one of your most treasured bracelets.
  • Exquisitely handcrafted one link at a time for a superior look, feel, and durability.
  • Glittering jewelry grade aluminum construction that is light as air, but as radiant as sterling silver with none of the ugly tarnish.
  • Crafted with stunning Japanese Lace chainmail, seamlessly blending ancient history with alluring modern jewelry design in one silver chain link bracelet.
  • Brilliantly finished with a dazzling stainless steel clasp and extension chain, for a perfect secure fit, ever time.
  • Delightful silky feel that slithers around your wrist for an exciting tactile experience.

Bring your budding beauty into full bloom when you clasp that Budding Blossom silver chainmail bracelet around your wrist. This exhilarating handmade flower bracelet features a charming chainmail rose just beginning to bloom, surrounded by dainty chainmail leaves on divine silver chain.

Crafted in gleaming, feather light jewelry grade aluminum that is as glamourous as sterling silver with none of the horrid tarnish or time consuming care. Finished with a mirror polished, exceptionally durable stainless steel clasp and extension chain, this charming silver chain bracelet will have you feeling like a nature goddess at first glance.

Created with majestic Japanese Lace Chainmail, this gorgeous handmade bracelet blends ancient art with glorious modern jewelry design. The chainmail technique of Japanese Lace was invented in the 13th century in Japan, as opulent armor for Samurai in Imperial service. Each piece of Japanese Lace chainmail took months to create as each link was handcrafted, and a single piece could contain hundreds of thousands of links. Owning a piece of this prized style of chainmail was a symbol of elegance, status, and celestial favor.

Serenity in Chains Japanese lace is created with the same centuries old techniques. Each link is handcrafted one at a time for a luxurious piece of jewelry that you are sure to cherish.

Not only is the Budding Blossom bracelet a stylish fashion accessory, this staggeringly beautiful piece of wearable art also doubles as a flirtatious O ring bracelet! Simply replace your traditional collar for a highly discreet, sensual silver BDSM bracelet.

Take their breath away in a dazzling display of divine beauty with a glittering, handcrafted Budding Blossom Bracelet from Serenity in Chains!

Always shipped discreetly!

I adore my Serenity in Chains jewelry! I wear it all the time, and get so many compliments!
I bought an intimate chain for a vacation with my husband. We both adore it, and I felt so sexy wearing it!
I love the personalized locks I ordered, they are more beautiful than expected. I'll be ordering more for sure!

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