Bracelet Helper Clasp Assister

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Have you ever needed help clasping your bracelets? Now you don't have to worry with a Serenity in Chains Bracelet Helper! This handy little bracelet tool was designed by Artisan Jan when she struggled to clasp one of our bracelets, and had no one around to help. Our Bracelet Helper is easy to use, and will have you clasping your bracelets one handed in a second!

Why is the Serenity in Chains bracelet helper better? Because we designed it with the exact need in mind. The curved design and ring niche help to keep both the helper and the ring end of your bracelet secure while you clasp it. This tool was designed because we needed it, and it was so popular at shows that we are now offering it for sale!

How does the Serenity in Chains bracelet helper work? Just slide the ring end of your bracelet onto the hook, and down into our proprietary niche. Slide the ring stabilizer onto your middle finger and lay the helper down the length of your palm. Gently grip the bracelet helper with you palm, and spin the bracelet around you wrist with the other hand. Slip the clasp onto the ring end, release the bracelet helper, and slide bracelet off the hook!

Included with purchase:

1 bracelet Helper (fits all hand sizes)

Never struggle to clasp your bracelet again!

  • Jewelry grade aluminum construction that will not tarnish your jewelry.
  • No spring clip or jewelry gripping point, ensuring that even the most delicate bracelet isn't damaged.
  • Easy to use design that requires almost no dexterity
  • Fully adustable to any hand size.

See the How To Video Here