Limited Edition Binding Knot Nipple Chain in Stainless Steel

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Celebrate the sensual bonds of love with a stunning, handcrafted nipple chain that requires no painful piercings. The Binding Knot no piercing necklace to nipple chain features a stunningly mirror polished Celtic Knot focal that symbolizes the intricate bonds that pull lovers close. Accented with diamond etched stainless steel chain, glittering fire polished rainbow crystals, and adjustable silicone nipple nooses this piece of no piercing nipple jewelry will have you full of steamy glittering beauty.


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18 inch (45.7cm) necklace with 11 inch (27.9 cm) nipple chains that fit almost any shape and size. Larger sizes upon request!

Adjustable silicone nipple nooses that fit you both comfortably and perfectly.

LIMITED EDITION once stock is deleted, this design will no longer be available.

Created with ultra high quality, stainless steel that is both hypoallergenic and beautiful.

Sparkling rainbow crystals that are as unique as you are, with a dazzling range of colors.

Shower and pool friendly so that you look sexy even while playing in the wet!

Exquisitely Handcrafted by a Master Jewelry Designer for maximum sensual allure.

Packaged discreetly so you don’t have to worry about nosey neighbors.

Worldwide shipping available, just choose your speed at checkout.

Backed by the Serenity in Chains guarantee so that you can purchase with confidence.

A sensual symbol of the intricate bonds between lovers

In A Nipple chain that needs no piercings.

Love is a magical tangle of senses and emotions. It’s a intricately woven knot, drawing lovers close in beautiful display of devotion. Your love deserves a symbol just as complex and gorgeous.

That symbol is the Binding Knot nipple chain in Stainless steel. 

This gorgeous pieces of pierceless nipple jewelry features an lovely interwoven Celtic Knot focal that mimics the intimate intricacy of the bonds between lovers. Arching gracefully from either side of the lover’s knot is a sparkling rainbow crystal and chain bow that symbolizes the deep currents that drive Love’s force. Arching away in a glittering display are two diamond etched nipple chains that connect to your nipple with a delightful silicone nipple noose that is soft, adjustable, and sensory enhancing.

Dangling tantalizingly from each nipple noose is a alluring crystal tassel and glitters and gleams with every movement. You’ll certainly be an exotic statement of love’s bonds in this stunning piece of no piercing nipple jewelry! 

Discreet Enough For Public Wear.

Beautifully designs to heighten your sensual nature, but discreet enough to wear out in public under your normal clothes, the Binding Knot nipple chain is a sexy accessory that will have you bound up in love’s allure.

Wear it under your clothes for an all day reminder of you bonds of love, or slip it on all by itself for a steamy visual symbol of your intimate connections.

Handcrafted From The Finest Materials.

Binding Knot non piercing nipple jewelry is exquisitely handcrafted from the finest materials. Mirror polished stainless steel chain sparkles along your neck and draped elegantly across your body, catching the glittering gorgeously as you move. Coupled with the bright rainbow crystals that shift through a tantalizing array of colors, you’ll never find a more sexy and stunning piece of body jewelry.

The stainless steel celtic knot pendant pendant and nipple tassels ensure a stylish and sexy visual, while the adjustable soft silicone nipple nooses provide the perfect fit.

Fully tarnish proof, the Binding Knot necklace to nipple chain is perfect for frequent wear, and can even be worn in the shower! After all, there is no rainbows without a little rain.

Adjustable Nipple Nooses.

The super soft, body safe silicone nipple nooses are fully adjustable to fit your unique shape comfortably. Each noose is slipped around the base of the nipple, and cinched to your desired tightness with the cinch bead.

Want a little extra sensation? Cinch them as tight as you like, and enjoy the heightened sensations.

Easy Storage, Easy Sex Appeal

Each  nipple chain comes complete with a silken storage pouch, Simply slip your nipple chain into the pouch and store is in your boudoir within reach for a quick, easy, stunning confidence boost.

That is, if you can go without your love bonds very long!

Ships Worldwide in discreet packaging!

I bought an intimate chain for a vacation with my husband. We both adore it, and I felt so sexy wearing it!
I can't believe how sexy I feel in my Serenity in chains nipple jewelry! It even makes vacuuming more exciting!
I can't believe how sexy I feel in my Serenity in chains nipple jewelry! It even makes vacuuming more exciting!

You deserve to feel sexy and confident!

Let your inner sex kitten come out to play with a beautifully handcrafted piece of non piercing nipple jewelry.

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2 reviews for Limited Edition Binding Knot Nipple Chain in Stainless Steel

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  1. Michelle was wonderful to work with. I wanted a customization to this piece and she was able to take my idea and incorporate it. We love the piece and are very happy with it.

  2. She loves it

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