Off Axis Stainless Steel and Copper Bracelet

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This stainless steel and copper chainmaille bracelet packs a punch in the style department. Mirror polished stainless steel is interwoven by hand with diagonal slashes of square copper chainmail rings in a chainmaille jewelry weave called Acute Helm's Chain. This uniquely gorgeous bracelet's natural copper will paying over time to the tune of your body chemistry, creating a truly one of a kind, personalized bracelet that understands you!

Size: You Choose

Clasp: Claw

  • Unique diagonal chainmail design, ensuring your beautiful bracelet is like no one else's!
  • Natural uncoated copper construction, no harsh chemical coating so that you can safetly wear youre bracelet 24/7!
  • Stainless steel construction for durability and depth of color to match almost any outfit!
  • 100% handcrafed chainmail, woven one link at a time.

Want to keep the copper shiny and bright? A quick dip in lemon juice will bring it back to that new copper shine!