Celtic Luck Collection

Add A Little Sexy Luck Yo Your Life!

Celtic Luck Discreet Day collar and no piercing nipple jewelry collection

A 3 part collection of Day Collars, Nipple Jewelry, & more designed to help you get lucky.

A stunning new collection of sexy designs inspired by the beauty of Celtic love lore. Each piece of this 3 part series is meticulously handcrafted from the finest Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, and glittering crystals for your pleasure. From nipple chains that require no piercings, to meticulously handcrafted luxury Day Collars that make the perfect statement at the right time, there is a piece for everyone and every occasion.

New Designs in this collection will be released soon, make sure to get on the list to be notified when they are available!

Triquetra Series

Inspired by the ancient celtic symbol of devotion, The Triquetra series is designed to invoke the emotions and elegance of mist filled celtic forests, nymphs frolicking in their glory, and the mysterious magic of rings of standing stones. These pieces feature timeless sterling silver, durable stainless steel, colorful titanium, and glittering dark rainbow crystals that shift hues with every movement.

The Lucky Clover Series.

Inspired by the lore of the lucky 4 leaf clover, this stunning discreet day collar is beautifully crafted to have you feeling a little lucky, while showcasing your lifestyle discreetly. The 4 leaf clover is not only the symbol of luck, but also of faith between lovers, undying hope, love as wide as the sky. This ancient Irish symbol has long been used as a lover’s token, gifting the four leaf clover as a symbol of desire and beauty.