Winter Wickedness

Event Date and Time: 
Fri, 02/03/2017 - 2:00pm

Winter Wickedness is a 2 day educational, play, and experiential event in Columbus, Ohio. That means a full day of classes - with all kinds of class tracks - Rope Bondage, SM Skills, Sexuality, Relationships, Power Exchange, Roleplay and a misc track!

Then, 2 full nights of play parties in over 10,000 sq feet of playspaces; a Main playspace, with specially crafted AIS Scene music - with a driving beat. A day playroom, where you can play the day away. A Warm & Wet room for all you fireplayers. And an entire space dedicated to people who love to play with rope! All filled with different types of music, and amazing AIS Kink Labs Furniture.

This event is a total hotel takeover, meaning that 90% of the hotel will be lifestyle friendly!

To register for this amazing event, visit the AIS Event Page!

Please Note that I can not provide directions to this event, as the location is only disclosed to registered attendees.