Our Jewelry Guarantee.

Jan and I take immense pride in the jewelry and home decor that we create. We use the highest quality components and meticulously test our designs to ensure you will be able to enjoy them long-term. 

We are happy to guarantee all of our jewelry and home decor is free of any creation (some times called manufacturer) defect for 30 days. Should your jewelry or home decor break, through no fault of your own, in that peroid we will repair or replace it at no cost!

Simply send us a couple of photos of the damaged piece, and let us know what happened! We'll work with you to get your piece taken care of!

Accidentally damaged your piece somehow? No problem!! We are happy to repair it for a small fee. 

Returns and Exchanges

Returns for Refund or Store Credit

Returns must be made with prior approval, and shipping is to be paid by the customer (excluding items that arrived defective). Please Contact Us if you need to make a return. Items shipped back without return confirmation from a Serenity in Chains artisan will be shipped back at the purchaser's expense.

Return requests must be made within 5 days of receipt to receive a refund, minus shipping. Returns must be post marked by the 15th day after receipt to be accepted as a return for refund. Any return made after the 15th calendar day up to the 30th calendar day will be made at our discretion, for In Store credit only. Returns are not accepted past 30 days.

Defective Items

For defective item returns, customer shall pay shipping upfront, and be reimbursed for the shipping costs if the item is found to have been defective by a Serenity in Chains artisan. Non defective returns are to be shipped back at the buyer's expense. A 15% restocking fee may be charged for items returned that are not defective. This fee is charged at our discretion.

Custom Made Returns

Please note that Custom Made Items are not returnable unless deemed defective by a Serenity in Chains artisan, in which case they will be repaired or replaced. This is due to the personalized nature of our custom made products.


Should your Serenity in Chains purchase become damaged, I am happy to repair it for you for a small fee. Simply contact me with your Order Number, and how the damaged incurred before you send it in for repair. 

Shipping to and from our studio will be the responsibility of the customer.

Most items are repairable. However, should your item be determined to be damaged beyond repair you may either decide to have the item shipped back to you in it's damaged state, or allow us to dispose of the irrepairable piece. 

This decision is solely at your discretion. Should you choose to have the item returned to you, an invoice for return shipping will be provided to you and must be paid prior to the item being returned to you.

In some cases, although an item is repairable, the repair may exceed the original value of the piece. Should this be the case you will be notified immediately and may decided to replace the item with a new purchase, rather than have it repaired. 

Once a repair quote or invoice has been sent, items left at our studio in excess of 30 days without a decision as to repair/replace/discard (and all appropriate fees paid) will be forfeited and discarded. 



How can I pay?

We are happy to accept all major credit cards, debit cards with a major credit card logo, or you can pay using your PayPal balance!

Card logos

Is your site secure?

Yes! Your payment information is strictly secured by our payment processors. We never even see your credit card info, and it is never stored on our site. 

Do I have to have a PayPal account to buy?

No! You can pay with a credit card directly at checkout, or your can choose paypal. If you would like to use paypal without an account, simply click the 'pay without logging in' below the Paypal login.

Sales Tax

Ohio residents will be charged a 7.25% sales tax.

International Taxes, Fees, and Duties

All international import taxes, fees, duties, and other charges will be your responisibility. Unfortunately, we are not able to effect these fees as it they are regulated and charged by your local government. We mark all packages as "Merchandise" with the correct value declared as required by international law. If you have questions about a fee charged for importing goods, please contact your local customs department.

ALL EU CUSTOMERS ARE NOW CHARGED A VALUE ADDED TAX (VAT) at delivery! Please note this is NOT a fee we charge you, or can pay for you. It is an import tax charged by your government to all EU customers for purchases made internationally, and not something initiated by Serenity in Chains. Please be prepared to remit this fee to your customs department upon package arrival. Refusal of a package due to VAT tax will be subject to our Non Defective Return Policy (see below), including the 15% restocking fee.


Please be aware that E-checks through paypal may take 5-7 business days to clear and may delay shipping of your purchase. Purchases will not ship until payment has cleared.  This may take 5-7 business days, and we are unable to affect this process. We appreciate your patience


If you need to cancel an order, please contact us immediately to do so. Once your order has shipped we are not able to cancel your order, and it will be treated as a return. Since we try to ship your purchase at light speed, it is very important that when you purchase you are ready to own a little piece of serenity from Serenity in Chains.

General FAQ


What kind of metals do you use?

Most of our jewelry is produced using a jewelry grade aluminum, stainless steel, or copper. However, we also work with and offer the following metals:

  • Niobium
  • Titanium
  • Sterling Silver
  • Argentium Silver
  • Fine Silver
  • Gold
  • Gold Fill
  • Brass (including Jeweler's Brass)
  • Bronze

If you want a metal you do not see, please contact us and we will accommodate you as best we can!

What about Nickel?

The majority of our jewelry is Nickel free. However, if you have a severe Nickel allergy please contact us prior to purchase. Serenity in Chains, it's owner, or any of the artisans under our logo, are not responsible for any allergic reactions that occur due to the use of our products, nor any damage or injury due to improper wear or use.

Do you guarantee your jewelry?

Yes. All of our jewelry is guaranteed to be free of handcrafted manufacturing defects for 30 days. However, if your jewelry encounters an unfortunate accident during this time not caused by a defect (i.e. it breaks due to pulling, or you run it over with the car), or a breakage occurs outside of our guarantee period, we are able to quote you for a repair. Please see the Repair section below for more info.

Can I wear my jewelry 24/7?

We get this question a lot, especially for our bondage fashion pieces. It is not recommended that an aluminum based piece be worn 24/7 (although it will not harm you to do so). We recommend a stronger metal for 24/7 wear, and are happy to quote you a price for a stronger metal on any design and length that you like! Many of our stronger metals come in a variety of colors & prices. Check out our Store for many pieces you can wear 24/7!

Can you make this in a larger size?

This is one of the beautiful things of handcrafted! We can customize almost any piece in our shop. If you need an alteration to an existing design, just Contact us and we would be happy to quote you for any alterations you require!

Can you make me something custom?

Yes! Our artisans love making custom jewelry. Just Contact Us to get started, and put "Custom request" in the subject line. Please be aware, that all customer orders must be paid for up front and custom piece sales are final.

Can your earrings be converted to nipple Jewelry?

Yes, if you see a necklace charm or a pair of earrings you would prefer as intimate jewelry, we would be happy to convert them at no additional cost. Please be aware that some items may be heavy and not recommended for nipple adornment. We can also convert our nipple jewelry to earrings! Visit our Store to shop earrings and nipple jewelry!

Can I wear your jewelry in the shower?

It is generally recommended that you remove your jewelry for showering purposes to maintain the longevity of the piece. However you can do so if you choose. We recommend gently drying your jewelry immediately after cleaning or showering. Please not that for some metals, contact with water may accelerate the tarnishing process.

Can you turn one of your Necklaces into a collar?

Most of our Chainmail necklaces can be converted into a lockable collar at no additional charge. However, we do not recommend rough tugging or 24/7 wear of our aluminum based necklaces and collars. If you are looking for something that can take some abuse, please message us prior to purchase for studier metal options.

Do you offer Classes?

Yes! If you would like to schedule a class, or discuss pricing, please Contact Us for more information! While you wait for us to get back to you, we would recommend viewing our Event schedule to see what dates are available.

Do you do Wholesale?

Yes, we love seeing our creations in the stores and boutiques!. We do have a minimum order threshold for wholesale, but we are happy to work with you to make sure our art is a successful match for your store. Please Contact Us about Wholesaling opportunities and put "Wholesale Request" in the subject line.

Do you make repairs?

Yes! We are happy to make repairs to our designs or to jewelry you purchased elsewhere, for a fee. Please Contact Us about having an item repaired. Please note that shipping must be paid up front for your repair both to our studio and back to your home. So please make sure to include return postage in your repair package when submitting your piece for repairs.

I'm an international customer. I got charged something when my order arrived. Why?

As of March of 2015 all European Union countries began charging and collecting a Value Added Tax for all good (including digital download items) purchased from another country above a certain value (please check with your customs department for value thresholds). This is a Import Tax charged by your government, and not a charge initiated by Serenity in Chains. You will have received a remittance notice by your customs department, and in some countries this fee will need to be paid in order to receive your package. For further questions, please contact your local customs office.

Do you guarantee your jewelry?

Yes. All of our jewelry is guaranteed to be free of handcrafted manufacturing defects for 30 days. However, if your jewelry encounters an unfortunate accident during this time not caused by a defect (i.e. it breaks due to pulling, or you run it over with the car), or a breakage occurs outside of our guarantee period, we are able to quote you for a repair. 


Still have questions? Contact Me and I'll get you answers ASAP!