The Artists

Meet the Serenity in Chains artists!

Michelle- Owner and Chainmail Artist

Hi! I'm Michelle, Owner and Chainmail designer of Serenity in Chains. I started this wonderful journey 'officially' in 2012, but the true beginning was much earlier. Growing up in a family of 'crafty women', I started making jewelry and other goods at the young age of 4, guided by my Mother and Grandmother. Whether it was hardened play dough pendants, or woven pot holders, I was always making something.

In 2012, after a lucrative career in Sales, the economy slumped and I found myself drifting in the wind. But opportunity knocked in the most unexpected way of a bag of hand cut rings, a pile of pliers, and good friends! Before long, my love of color, symmetry, and family tradition collided in the way that all good things do, and Serenity in Chains was born!

I have been professionally designing jewelry and home decor ever since. My fascination of nature, business, and positive self expression have greatly influenced my designs in unexpected and delightful ways.

My pieces have been featured in prestigious publications such as Seventeen MagazineEtsy Front Page & Etsy Finds, The Find, and several home decor publications.

Jan - Wire Artist

Jan is the Wire Working artisan at Serenity in Chains, and also my mom. She felt it was important to carry on the family tradition of making and crafting, and passed generations of knowledge onto her daughters.

After Serenity in Chains got started, it was really a no-brainer to bring her creative talent and experience on board! Her nature inspired designs, perfectionist attitude, and ability to take something discarded and make it into a beautiful treasure makes her an inspirational jewelry designer.

Her designs have been showcased at numerous art shows, local publications, and on social media. Her love of gardening, spending time with family, asymmetry and precious metals have ensured that she has no lack of inspiration for her creativity.

When she is not spending time with family, she is creating stunning pieces in her home studio.



Crystal - Photographer and Graphic Artist

Crystal, my sister, is the Art Photographer and Graphic Designer of Serenity in Chains. She found her voice behind the lens of a camera, and a second intense passion as an author.

Her beautifully shot nature photographs are full of the natural world's beauty seen from her eyes. Whether the subject is a run down antique garage, or a stunning flower her art exudes a wide range of emotions and lends to the idea that not all is tamed.

Crystal can often be found making me burst with laughter in our Pop-up Shops around the country, or working hard at her Fiction novel in her office.




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