Beautifully discreet, handcrafted BDSM day collars by Serenity in Chains


Living an alternative lifestyle, especially one that isn't widely accepted, can make authentic living difficult. You might feel the need to hide the truest aspects of yourself to blend in.

With Serenity in Chains, you don't have to compromise who you are with the rest of the world anymore!

Now, you can honor your unique relationship in the most authentic way without compromising! From stunningly handcrafted and discreet day collars that truly pass the vanilla test, to sexy and comfortable non piercing nipple jewelry and everything in between! I've cracked the code on displaying your authentic self, without compromise.

How do I know? The corporate world didn't bat an eye when I wore my first collar design into the office. I shook hands with the CEO of a major international company, collared and all.

Actually, that first collar passed so well I was quickly making them for others in the office, passing them as beautiful statement necklaces. And what a statement they made! You just had to be the right crowd to see it!

Since then it's been my pleasure to help the BDSM community feel like their true selves again, regardless of the situation. Gone are the days of removing your collar anxiously, just to blend in. It's time to live authentically with a beautiful, discreet piece of handcrafted jewelry from Serenity in Chains!



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