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Rising from the ashes, a brand new collection that celebrated adversity and strength

Phoenix Rising - are you ready to rise? A new jewelry collection celebrating strength and adversity


Phoenix Rising - a celebration of beautiful strength.


When I started designing this collection, I just wanted to do something beautiful with reclaimed copper. I thought it would be great to take something discarded, and give it renewed life. To temper it in the flames and watch it emerge with new beauty. I never imagined that it would come to symbolize something so much more meaningful.

The collection was supposed to be ready last fall, then we got rough news. We had to move, and quickly

Rising from the ashes - A new collection, coming soon!

a new collection coming soon

Phoenix Rising - A new collection coming soon!


I can't believe that it's been two years in the making, and it's finally just about ready to take flight!

I am so excited, I feel like I'm going to burst into flames, which is pretty appropriate since this new collection is all about fire. Actually, its about more than that.


Phoenix Rising is my new jewelry collection, debuting this fall.