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Rose Quartz - The Lover's Gemstone

Rose Quartz - stone of unconditional love


Rose Quartz - The Lover's Gemstone


Have you ever just felt like you needed to attract a little more love in your life? Or maybe you want to amplify the love that you have, multiplying it until it overwhelms you in a glittering, sensual wave. Perhaps, you need to smooth some ruffled feather in you relationship, or create some fireworks in a new connection.

Then Rose Quartz just might be the gemstone for you!

Unconditional love with Prehnite

Prehnite, the unconditional love stone

Prehnite - The stone of unconditional love.

Sometimes referred to as new Jade, Prehnite is a fairly new addition to the gemstone scene. Discovered in 1788 by H. Von Prehn, Prehnite was considered a rare collectors gemstone until new deposits were discovered. 

A soft green gemstone, often seen with cream or black occlusions, this lovely gem also comes in yellow, orange, and blue.


The tranquil blue/green hue of Prehnite will remind you of gently lapping water in a sparkling ocean, with gentle breezes, warm sun, and loving company. 


Oh Onyx! The meaning of a beautiful black gemstone!

The Meaning of Onyx: Courage and Protection

Onyx, the gemstone of courage!


Oh Onyx! Your deep black beauty has captured the attention of the world over for centuries. As not only a beautiful jewelry gem, but also as an adornment in swords, shields, and sacred texts.