What I Got In The Mail!

Sometimes you receive something so full of awesome, and win that you have to shout it to the world. Most people use Facebook, or Twitter to do this... but Kat uses her Youtube Channel to share her most amazing, fun finds during her online shopping escapades!

Learn Jewelry Making with Michelle!

Aww yeah! That's right! I'm teaching a class on February 9th (the Monday before Valentines Day). And not the kind you try not to fall asleep in! This class involves your favorite adult beverage, and these awesome scale flowers! Yes, I'm teaching you how to make our Chainmail Scale Flower necklace, and a pair of matching scale earrings in true Serenity in Chains style!

Calm the F*ck Down with Black Swamp Naturals Aromatherapy!


Ever been so stressed that you grind your teeth till they squeak? Or the muscles in your neck cord up so bad that you get a headache you are pretty sure was sent by the devil himself? Then you know what I am talking about when I say you need Calm the Fuck Down!

Its 17 Degrees outside! Guess what that means?

Healthy Homemade OatmealSo it's 17 degrees out, and I've woken up sick. Must be mid November!