Rose Quartz - The Lover's Gemstone

Rose Quartz - stone of unconditional love


Rose Quartz - The Lover's Gemstone


Have you ever just felt like you needed to attract a little more love in your life? Or maybe you want to amplify the love that you have, multiplying it until it overwhelms you in a glittering, sensual wave. Perhaps, you need to smooth some ruffled feather in you relationship, or create some fireworks in a new connection.

Then Rose Quartz just might be the gemstone for you!

Rose Quartz is said to be the universal love stone. It's beautiful pink hue is a reminder of traditional color of love, but this lovely gemstone is more than just a pleasing shade.

This soft pink gemstone is a ancient symbol of beauty, unconditional love, and ownership.


rose quartz int eh sun, a sign of hope


A history of love.

Ancient peoples prized Rose Quartz for it's ability to create instant beauty in any wearer. It was given as a love token as early as 600 BC, and has been found in tombs and burial sites in jewelry and ceremonial masks all over the world.

Early Greeks and Romans adored this amazing gemstone for it's ability to attract and magnify unconditional, limitless love. They believed that Cupid, the God of Desire bestowed the gift of Love on humanity with a Rose Quartz bead.

Another heavenly legend says that the Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Desire, gave the stone it's beautiful pink hue shedding her divine blood while attempting to save her dying love, Adonis. This was thought to give Rose Quartz a spark of Aphrodite's smoldering sex appeal and heavenly essence, making the wearer of this sexy gemstone more desirable.


Rose quartz bead, the gift of love from cupid


This love spell of Rose Quartz continues a world away.  Native American cultures believed wearing this gemstone in amulets would help smooth the path between lovers, easing disappointment and granting a "silver tongue" in lover's negotiations. 

The Ancient Egyptians took this lovely stone's meaning a step further. Not only did they revere Rose Quarts for it's sexy love properties, it was also a symbol of protective ownership. Masters would gift it to their favorite Slaves, adorning them with glittering trinkets studded with rose quartz, signifying their rise in the household, and granting they the protection of their master. 


Gem Covenant Anklet Discreet BDSM Collar in Rose Quartz


Today, this beautiful stone is still used as a lover's token. Often exchanged by couples looking to enhance their love life, and bring a little extra spark into their romantic endeavors.

Does this stone really increase your sex appeal? It's hard to say... but you can't deny it's beauty and ability to lift one's mood and confidence. And what's more sexy that that?

So it's not surprise that Rose Quartz has become a fan favorite here at Serenity in Chains, and is featured as a choice in all of our discreet gemstone day collars.

Whether this stone has supernatural love powers or not, its complex beauty and soft pink hue make it a stunning accent to any lover's gift. 

Ready to make like an Egyptian, and adorn your favorite love slave?


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