New Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry - The Silver Butterfly

new non piercing nipple jewelry for sale - the silver butterfly


It's a new Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry design - now available for purchase!


If you know Jan at all, you know she's a sucker for beautiful bugs. Namely, butterflies! So I wasn't surprised at all when she showed me this brand new nipple jewelry design that featured her favorite creature.

Allow me to introduce to you the Silver Butterfly necklace to nipple chain! This truly exquisite piece of nipple jewelry features a prominent, silver filigree butterfly pendant with beautiful crystal work. 

Would you agree its every bit as beautiful as the real thing?


butterfly non piercing nipple jewelry


Nearly weightless beauty!

Although the pendant looks heavy, it's surprisingly light! The open filigree design really keeps the weight down, despite the large appearance of the pendant. 

You'll feel as light as a butterfly wearing this nipple jewelry design!

And those crystals are stunningly gorgeous. The photos don't do them justice at all, no matter how much I tried I couldn't capture the rainbow light that glitters from crystal as you move.

Did I mention that they are each hand set into the pendant?


nipple jewelry that doesn't require a piercing


As with all of our necklace to nipple jewelry designs, below the crystal accented butterfly pendant are two silvery nipple chains that attach to your nipple with soft, fully adjustable, rubber free silicone nipple nooses. 

Dangling in a tantalizing manner from each noose is a beautiful, dew kissed crystal flower charm blooming with a profusion of color.


The Need To Know's:

Necklace Length: 18 inches (45.7 cm)

Nipple Chain Lengths: 11 inches (27.9 cm)


Wear it under your clothes!

Like most of our necklace to nipple jewelry designs, you can wear the Silver butterfly under your clothing. Once you've added a shirt over top, it looks like a trendy body chain. I've worn pieces from my private collection this way to lots of places, and never gotten anything less than an exciting thrill and compliments.

unique nipple jewelry that doesn't require piercings and can be worn under clothing


I'm sure this design is going to sell out quickly, mostly because we have a very limited number of them. Jan only has so much time and so many hand after all, and she handcrafts every piece!

You can get your own Silver Butterfly Chain in the shop.


Have a question about the Butterfly Chain, or wearing nipple jewelry that doesn't require piercings? Leave them in the comments of Contact Me!




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