Getting Inspired by Materials - A sneak peek at the design process.



Getting Inspired by Materials - A sneak peek at the design process.

Come with me to see how the design process starts with inspiration!


Have you ever looked at one of my designs and wondered "How does she do that?" 

If you are nodding your head, you aren't alone. I get asked often how I come up with designs, or how long it takes me to make something. Most folks are expecting a super simple answer of "It just pops in my head!" or "42 minutes!" but in reality, the design process is much more complicated (and lengthy) than most expect. 

However, there is a definite starting point. Inspiration.

Although on occasion I get inspired to design something on a whim, from my surroundings, or from a dream (yes, I've totally come up with designs from dreams) it's often more about looking at the materials and letting them speak to me.

Moving stones around on my work bench and pairing them with different pendants, beads, metal colors and chain style all spark inspiration and get my creative juices flowing. And when that doesn't work, which happens sometimes, I'll turn to my VIP's for their input.

Every now and then, the well simply runs dry and it's time to seek inspiration elsewhere. That is when I hop in the car and make a trip to look at new materials, new components, and lots of sparkly things to refill my creativity well and get the inspiration river flowing again.

This last weekend, I was in luck! One of the annual Jewelry Designer Supply shows was happening a short 1 hour drive from me, and their listing of vendors promised heaps of treasure in the way of sparkling gemstone, glittering crystals, luminescent pearls, and glinting metal that was sure to make my artist heart sing!

In the video below, I bring you along in my quest to find new and exciting inspiration at the supply show, digging for hidden treasure. 


P.S. My apologies, I filmed this in vertical. I know, I know, how dare I! But it's worth a watch, and I promise the next video I'll film right.







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