Rose Quartz - The Lover's Gemstone

Rose Quartz - stone of unconditional love


Rose Quartz - The Lover's Gemstone


Have you ever just felt like you needed to attract a little more love in your life? Or maybe you want to amplify the love that you have, multiplying it until it overwhelms you in a glittering, sensual wave. Perhaps, you need to smooth some ruffled feather in you relationship, or create some fireworks in a new connection.

Then Rose Quartz just might be the gemstone for you!

Nipple Jewelry May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Reducing risk of breast cancer with stimulating non piercing nipple jewelry from serenity in chains

Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry Might Help Your Breasts Stay Healthy!

As women, most of us are concerned about our breast health. The dreaded phrase "Breast Cancer" is always looming in the back of our minds, like a hideous beast waiting in the shadows to get us as soon as the lights go out.

But what if you could reduce your risk of breast cancer by stimulating your nipples, and surrounding breast tissue.

Would you pay more loving attention to your breasts?

Rising from the ashes - A new collection, coming soon!

a new collection coming soon

Phoenix Rising - A new collection coming soon!


I can't believe that it's been two years in the making, and it's finally just about ready to take flight!

I am so excited, I feel like I'm going to burst into flames, which is pretty appropriate since this new collection is all about fire. Actually, its about more than that.


Phoenix Rising is my new jewelry collection, debuting this fall.


Buy your Discreet Bondage Collar at the Black Swamp Art Festival!

buy your discreet bondage collar at the Black swamp art festival in bowling green, ohio!

Bondage Collars at the Black Swamp Art Festival? Yes Please!


When you think of an art festival, you don't often think of Bondage collars, and yet that is what you will find this year at the Black Swamp Arts festival.

That's right, I'm bringing Serenity in Chains back to Bowling Green, Ohio for the second year!


What's the Black Swamp Arts Festival?

Black Swamp Arts Festival is one of North West Ohio's premiere art shows. It featured over 100 local artists and musicians nestled in the heart of historic downtown Bowling Green, Ohio!

New Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry - The Silver Butterfly

new non piercing nipple jewelry for sale - the silver butterfly


It's a new Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry design - now available for purchase!


If you know Jan at all, you know she's a sucker for beautiful bugs. Namely, butterflies! So I wasn't surprised at all when she showed me this brand new nipple jewelry design that featured her favorite creature.

Allow me to introduce to you the Silver Butterfly necklace to nipple chain! This truly exquisite piece of nipple jewelry features a prominent, silver filigree butterfly pendant with beautiful crystal work. 

Treating yourself like royalty with non piercing nipple jewelry

The royal history of non piercing nipple jewelry


Nipple Jewelry - A Royal History

It's no secret that nipple jewelry is ultimate sexy accessory. Whether you wear it for you own pleasure, or the pleasure of others it's a piece of jewelry that makes for a steamy visual (and sensory) treat.

However, did you know that nipple jewelry has a royal beginning?

In the mid 14th century, fashion began to change. The neckline on gowns of the female nobility began to sink lower, and lower, and lower. It wasn't uncommon for a noble lady to wear a gown that displayed half (or more) of her breast.

Secret Sale on all Non Piercing Nipple Jewelry, Discreet BDSM Collars and more!

discreet bdsm day collars and non piercing nipple jewelry for sale with a VIP club discount!

You must have heard by now that I'm having a huge sale on all the non piercing nipple jewelry, discreet bdsm day collars, and everything else that I make, right?

I bet you have, because you are part of the IN crowd!

It's my biggest I've ever done, and it's all for you. Through 7/29, everyone in the VIP club is getting 25% off everything, including the bdsm day collars, the no piercing nipple jewelry, the handcrafted earrings, and chainmail necklaces... you name it & Free Shipping!

Nude or Not? Which won? NSFW

NSFW! Artful nudity ahead! by scrolling down you acknowledge you are 18 years or older.

Nude or No? Should I display the artful nude no piercing nipple jewelry product photos?


A couple of months ago I had an amazing photo shoot with Joe of JSV Images and a slew of highly talented models. It was an amazing time, and it resulted in some jaw-dropping images that I've been hording.

The problem is not that the images aren't beautiful, they are. It's not that the Non piercing nipple jewelry and discreet bdsm collars don't look spectacular, they do. The problem I ran into was that the models were dripping with talent, and not much else. What I'm saying is they were nude, or so near to nude it doesn't matter.

What is a BDSM Collar (AKA Bondage Collar) and what does it mean?

What is a bondage collar and what does it mean?


You've probably seen a BDSM collar, also called a bondage collar, and wondered what it is, what does it mean, and why do people wear them?

Or maybe you are considering a BDSM collar, and you want to make sure it's right for you.


You've probably seen a friend or coworker wearing a discreet bdsm collar, without knowing it.


Either way, thanks to things like the 50 Shades movies, BDSM collars have become a hot topic both in the BDSM community, and in the rest of the world.


Unconditional love with Prehnite

Prehnite, the unconditional love stone

Prehnite - The stone of unconditional love.

Sometimes referred to as new Jade, Prehnite is a fairly new addition to the gemstone scene. Discovered in 1788 by H. Von Prehn, Prehnite was considered a rare collectors gemstone until new deposits were discovered. 

A soft green gemstone, often seen with cream or black occlusions, this lovely gem also comes in yellow, orange, and blue.


The tranquil blue/green hue of Prehnite will remind you of gently lapping water in a sparkling ocean, with gentle breezes, warm sun, and loving company.