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In the Works - Whats Coming? The Artisans of Serenity in Chains are always working on something new and exciting. Often, we are turning out new designed several times a week. Sometimes, we give sneek peaks to these new and exciting designes. Check this page often to get a glimpse of things In the Works!

Dragon Scale Bikini Top 04/28/2013

The other day Michelle (the owner) got an idea after digging through the supply inventory. About this time last year she was commissioned to create a scale maille Dragon Tail for a customer’s cosplay costume. This tail involved over 300 large individual scales, and nearly 1000 connections with stainless steel rings. Because we always plan for mistakes, oops, and general chaos, I’d over ordered the Scales to ensure that there would be enough for the time when the universe would say “Yeah, you thought this was going well - not anymore!” Needless to say, we had some extras, and enough to come up with something so full of awesome, and like a good book I couldn’t put it down until it was finished (well... almost finished). This lovely chainmail bikini top will currently fit a B cup, and is designed to be worn over another garment of clothing, since the ‘cups’ are not supportive, and liable to leane forward when you do. The straps shown are temporary, as this piece isn’t totally finished. Although, both leather, cord, and chain straps will be options upon purchase. Pricing hasn’t been solidified for this beauty yet, but you can commission by emailing from the Contact Us page!

Dragon Scale Bikini Top 04/28/2013

Michelle Here - It’s official! I am hooked on designing and making Chainmail clothing. It started with the Dragon Scale Bikini top project (see below) and has escalated quickly. This is the newest ‘In the Works’ piece i have on the table. It’s a chainmail halter style top made from anodized aluminum in an Altered Byzantine weave with a diamond patters. As you can see, it is not completed (hence the ‘in the works’ status). I’ve got about 30 hours into this beauty so far, tha’s including all the time it takes to close hundreds of tiny blue jump rings in prep... but it was worth every cramped finger! I designed this particular top for my personal collection, so as it stands it will fit up to a 44 DD with a completely adjustable neck acn back band. These tops are completely customizable in size and color, and can currently be purchased through custom order requests! If you are interested in ordering one, just go to the Contact Us page and use the form at the bottom to send up a Custom Item Request! Tell us what you think about this new top on our Facebook page or DeviantArt!

Wire Wrapped Crystal Dragonfly 05/28/2013

Jan has a talent with wire, and an affinity for beautiful winged creatures. This lovely creation is part of her summer wings collection, and is named the Crystal Dragonfly. This little guy is about 3 inches wide in the wingspan, and 3 inches long. The main body of the Crystal Dragonfly is just that, glittering crystals and colored pearls that have been expertly wrapped in sterling silver plated wire. The fixed sterling silver wings feature beautiful silver scroll work that is framed in one solid wire that has been expertly turned and formed. Artisan Jan liked him so much she threatened to keep him to herself! However, he’s not even finished! This little beauty needs your help to become a final piece! Head over to our Facebook and help Jan decide whether he should be a Bracelet, Necklace, Broach, or anything else you may want to see this little beauty as! Want to order one? Go to Contact Us and use the form to submit a Custom Item request!
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