Handmade Jewelry by Serenity in Chains

Armoring you in Beauty · Creating a Confident world

Chainmail was used in the 17th century as a protection for Knights in battle, deflecting sword, mace, and morning star; the weapons of the day.

Today, our battles are a bit different. We have exchanged the sword for the pen, and the chainmail armor for Jewelry and accessories. These modern battles require a different type of armor. Here at Serenity in Chains we handcraft Chainmail Jewelry, Wire Working, Intimate Jewelry and Home Decor with today's battles in mind, armoring you with beauty and history. When you wear a Serenity in Chains piece of art, you are capturing that strength and confidence of your inner Knight in Shining Armor!

Our Artisans are passionate about what they do! Crafting unique wearable Art, Chainmail Jewelry and Wire Wrapping that is perfect for the eclectic soul. Pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

Handmade Chainmail BraceletsHandmade Necklaces

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